~my two baby loves~

~got back into the groove with a couple of quick playdates ( obviously Nugget needs a lesson on how exactly to wear her sunnies)~

our first few tomatos are turning red!!
our first cucumber!!!

~first trip out alone with two munchkins!~
so handsome...I can't even deal with the cuteness :-)
ahhhhhh...wine...i love you.
who gets the best dad in the world award??? This Turkey right here!! Nugget is BESIDE HERSELF with excitement over having a "park" in her very own backyard! LOLOLOLOL What a good Daddy spending an entire Saturday building his kiddos a swing set!
10hours, 1 Miller Lite, 2 Gatorades, 2 glasses of Water, COUNTLESS screws, 2 drill batteries, & 1 sweat drenched shirt later the swing set is DONE! 

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