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shipping a couple Etsy Shop orders...
& Rooster thought that was boring so he took a nap.
 Random cute pic!
 After waking up WAY to early Wednesday at 6am, snuggles with Dad coaxed her back to sleep for another hour.
Showing off her new swing set to her b.f.f.

 How in the world did I come up with two large bags of stuff to donate to Goodwill when I just had yardsale 2 months ago?  #IHATECLUTTER
 Nugget was trying to show Rooster how to play with his toy
 Amazing friends coming in town and Taylor's Bakery cupcakes made for an amazing birthday weekend for Turkey!
lazy sunday = new yoga pants action. I made my 1st weight goal I had set to be able to wear my new cute yoga pants!! WOOT WOOT!

He is so athletic. ;-)
Wine &time with my bestie made for the best weekend.
Our kids had a FABULOUS weekend too! So fabulous that they all almost forgot to take their naps. LOL

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