You Need This.

I meant to post about this at least a month and half ago but I got busy having a baby. It wasn't until yesterday that a friend asked about my nail polish when I remembered that I never addressed the awesomeness that is

Seriously people. Go find Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer NOW!

From back when I was working in the salon with my hands all day long to now keeping house and doing all sorts of crazy activities with my kiddos I have high expectations from nail polishes. We all know by now the difference between a “polish” and “lacquer”, right??? I honestly dont know who is still wearing “polish” and is happy with the lasting power. So moral of the story is “lacquer” is totally the way to go unless you want to polish your nails every single day. A few popular lacquers have always been OPI, Essie, & Butter. I've always found OPI to be the best wearing for myself until recently. Back in June I made a trip to my supply house and saw they had a new fabulous display of Morgan Taylor. Like most women, I stopped dead in my tracks, aborted my plans to head down the color isle, and beelined it for the racks of colorful perfection. You know what I'm talking about. Something about a nail polish display is just so appealing and you instantly want one of every single bottle! So while Nugget girl and I's eyes gazed over in all the nail polish glory, one of the workers came up to me and was telling me how they just began carrying this brand this summer and how its supposed to be the new best thing....That girl wasn't lying! It is so so so so so amazing. I really cant rave enough about Morgan Taylor.

#1- It dries quicker than OPI
#2- They have a BEAUTIFUL collection of colors
#3 &MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL - I literally can wear this for an entire week 
with no nails chipping!(It's important that I do admit my success of week long wear is partially due to never skipping corners..I buff my nails to begin and always used base coat, two coats polish, and then top coat) It's nearly as good as shellac except doesn't require the lengthy process of UV light etc!

I could keep going on and on...but I'll just shut up now so you all can go buy a bottle of every single shade. ;-)

Seriously...Your Welcome.


  1. I will be anxiously awaiting a trip to get some

  2. Where am I going to find that here in the country?

    1. oh mother hen...I'm gonna hook you up...no worries! :-)