Bacon! - Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers

I'm back with  today!!!

This one is Tom's favorite so far. I must say they were DELICIOUS and pretty darn easy too!
I followed exactly the recipe found in the link at the bottom of the post but I did bake these longer then the 30 min this recipe suggested. I wanted them more crispy and brown.
 I just cut up chicken breasts and wrapped each piece of chicken with a half piece of bacon. Then I sprinkled (and by sprinkled I mean dumped loads) brown sugar. I was a little iffy about the chili powder deal listed in the original recipe so I used it very lightly.  I then baked them on pre-soaked skewers at 400 for aprox. 40-45 min.

I'll send you all off with the "man review"...

1. Would you say these met your expectations based on initial pin from Pinterest?
Tom: exceeded...by far. This was the best bacon trial yet.

2. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being very difficult) what would you rate the difficulty of this dish?
Tom: 1- 2

3. What additional ingredient would you add or what is one that you might change?
Tom: Nothing. Perfect appetizer.

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