Bacon Pancakes.

Ok so I didnt even follow a "recipe" on this one..because its just pancakes with a piece of bacon in the middle. What I will tell you is I suck at flipping pancakes so went with half pieces of bacon and small round pancakes instead of trying to tackle the whole strip of bacon like they did in what was my inspiration from Pinerest below:

Mine turned out like this:

Not nearly as fancy as the buffet style dippers that I found on Pinterest but I'm sure if you are more talented with pancake flipping you could def. tackle the long dippers. 
For those of you interested- I poured the pancake batter in the skillet first and then layed the bacon on top of it. Then before flipping I poured more batter over the top of the strip of bacon to fully incase it. The very bottom pancake in the picture I did not pour extra batter over the bacon because I wanted to see how much of the batter would just spread naturally. Either way...they eat real good! Nugget girl def. gave it the thumbs up. 

So like last week I want to end with my man review:

1. Would you say these met your expectations based on initial pin from Pinterest?
Tom: Definitely.
2. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being very difficult) what would you rate the difficulty of this dish?
Tom: 1-easy
3. What additional ingredient would you add or what is one that you might change?
Tom: Next time lets use two slices of bacon.

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