Beanie Babies

How does stupid shit like that even happen?” is what my husband had to say about our random convo topic a while back. I kinda can't stop thinking about this blast from the past ever since. The "stupid Shit" that I speak of is....

Beanie Babies.

Ya know, the Ty beanie babies that everyone went goo goo ga ga over like 15 years ago. The ones with the heart shaped tag that required that you MUST buy the plastic protective covers for and never EVER remove. The ones that everyone snatched up immediately as every new beanie baby was released....we all thought we would collect them and be rich some day.

I cant stop thinking about them ever since we randomly had that conversation. No idea how the topic even surfaced but nonetheless it did. Being a girl, I understand the whole “fad” thing and how people just jump on bandwagons but Turkey clearly (if you reference his quote) does not. he can't even begin to concieve WHY anyone would decide to mass produce those and then HOW they convinced the whole nation to buy them up at 5-6 (or whatever they cost back then) bucks a pop and proudly display in their house as if they were a classy collectors item?? I have to admit...now looking back I too find the whole thing stupid... but in the moment they were such a hot commodity and I wanted to be a part of it. Now, I also keep wondering why in the world those exploded like they did??? So random! So meaningless really. I wish I actually remembered more of the dialoge from the conversation because I promise you it was hilarious. Turkey can't stand “stupid shit” like beanie babies and I love to just lead him on! I love to pretend I'm totally into things that he can't tolerate just because it drives him so crazy. Its. SO. FUNNY.

Today they are worth anywhere from 1 dollar to thousands believe it or not. My google results were overwhelming. There are TOTALLY still people WAY into this. (I literally cant wait till Turkey reads what I just wrote because it will totally send him over the edge.) There are “handbooks” with indexes of beanies made and produced...its endless people. 

Truly, how did this phenomenon happen?

Now that my brain is back in the 90's....anyone want to talk about: Trapper keepers, Pogs, Tomagotchis, or Furbys??? 


  1. beanie babies, had them and loved them lol my favorite one I owned was the Jerry Garcia bear. and don't get me started on pogs they were awesome back in elementary school

  2. Does this mean I actually have a bag full of money sitting in my attic?