Beautified- Fall Hair

You all can look at style magazines and other sources for the fall trend reports but this is the honest to goodness truth: Very few people make huge changes at each season. Some trends are easy to follow while others require a bigger commitment that most people don't find in their comfort zone. When I was still working behind the chair I did always encourage a seasonal change to my clients but I always tried to keep my suggestions very "real" ... None of the high fashion (crazy weird and sometimes almost ugly) trends.  Like this year...One of those "high fashion" trends is shiny slicked back hair. Very few people will feel comfortable enough to use oils, serums, gels even at their root area and look like a grease ball. It's just not appropriate for everyday wear. So instead of boring you all with things that none of you will do I simply gathered some pictures of what I think represent fall both through my own eyes but also through what changes that are most strongly recommended when you go to the salon.

When I think fall I immediately think red! Oh how I love red hair. Red-red, Brown-red, Carmels...anything warm with golden or actual red undertones just shouts fall.  When we hear "fall" we think hoodies, sweaters and blankets...am I correct? Reds are rich and symbolize warmth and comfort that is so closely associated with the feelings of fall. So if you are a natural red- boost your color with a brilliant gloss. If you are brunette-ask for just one shade warmer at your next color appointment. If you are blonde- tone it down..no more platinum.  Try some carmel low-lites! If you have ombre ends right now- ask for a warm brown gloss over them!
Oh! And get a good conditioning treatment at your next appointment to seal down and repair some of that sun damage from the summer! Your color will stay longer and retain a more even shine.

So now we are all under our blankets with our chunky sweater on...our hair freshly colored and its stunning I should add...next thing we do is grab our cup of coffee and tie our hair up...Yes?
Some simple thoughts/suggestions are: Retire the braids you rocked all summer and shift to a bun or topknot. Casual and not too perfect but a bit more sleek then a summery braid. Oh and while you are at it...try some new bangs! Now that it's not a BAZILLLLLION degrees outside we might be able to tolerate the thought of hair on our face again. Heavy side swept and even full bangs are still a huge hit! Beautiful on many different face shapes!
If you love to wear your hair down (like me) go for a bit more structure in your curls. Smoother with less texture. Ask your stylist if you need help learning different techniques to achieve different types of curls!

And lastly... Accessorize! Headbands are huge as always. I'm loving headband wraps right now. They are all over Etsy. Even crochet headbands! Look into this!! So cute and casual!

For those of us who make seasonal changes, we are all probably wearing our new fall hair by now... but for those of you who keep it the same year round I encourage you to consider just one small change! You will feel fresh and brand new.


  1. I would like some red/brown hair :)

  2. Red is always a good feisty color!