Cheesy Chicken Mix

Why am I suddenly blogging about food all the time?? I dont love to cook that much at all. This is so odd. But I do find that my enormous prego appetite really hasn't faded since giving birth so I continue to think about food all the time. (luckily the serving sizes I eat is back to normal though...otherwise I would still be a BEAST!) 

I'm so impressed with how my 10 minute meal turned out so I needed to share:

This was a total last minute deal that went down like this:

No plan for dinner. Never a good thing for me. I'm not good at making something out of nothing when it comes to dinner.

4pm. (this is usually when I begin to cook with Nuggets assistance, of course.) I'm freaking because nothing sounds good. I panic and just throw two large frozen chicken breasts in the oven.

4-5pm – I sorta forget about the chicken and the fact that I have no plan for the rest of dinner. I'll be honest here...I got really engrossed in playing “grocery store” with my Nugget girl and stopped thinking about dinner all together. oops!

5pm- The husband calls and wants to know what dinner he will be arriving home to in aprox 15 min. UMMMMMM SHIZZZZZ!!!! I totally sorta forgot about thinking of what the rest of the meal will be. I lamely told him it involved chicken.

5:05pm- Im sweating in panic. Omg. What am I doing for dinner. Nugget will start melting any moment if I dont get her fed and Turkey will too since he doesnt eat lunch ( I know...I know...he wont listen when I say he needs to eat lunch...he demands he is too busy)....I'm feeling a “mom fail” coming on...I dont have dinner anywhere near complete.

5:08pm – I'm totally just standing in front of the freezer looking for some quick steam-able veggies. Found it! California blend it is! (our fav.) I throw that bad boy in the microwave for 5 min.

5:13pm- I get my veggies out. I look at my bland chicken breasts and bland veggies... I literally dont want to eat this. #notexcited

5:14pm- Without even thinking really I chop up the chicken. Throw into a large bowl, add the veggies and dumped my left over ½ bag of shredded cheddar cheese on it.....and just as I begin stirring Tom walked in.

Seriously....Nugget and Tom gobbled it right up and I must say I really enjoyed this as well. It's officially on my “no-time/no planning needed dinner list” I think next time I might try baking it afterwards with butter soaked ritz cracker crumbs on top for an added “somethin-somethin” or even add ranch.

Total actual prep time: 10 min.

Now that is a what I'm talking about. 


  1. Shezzzaaaammmm you have arrived. Magic at it's finest. Something from nothing. I refer to these as 'serving magic' for dinner.

  2. Lol I wish I could share this on my page. Hi I'm camii stopping over from Bloggy Moms

    1. You should totally share it!! I checked out your page! You write beautifully! love it! I hope you follow along here at Chicken Scratch..Im adding you to my reading list! :-)