Fall-Fashion Love.

Fall-Fashion Love.

American Eagle Outfitters jegging / Victoria's Secret victoria secret / Old Navy skinny leg jeans / TOMS vegan footwear / Round cap / Blue bib necklace / Xhilaration Juniors Faux Leather Detail High Low Top - Assorted Colors / Xhilaration Juniors Knit to Woven Top Assorted Colors

These are the top items I'm drawn to right now. My must haves aren't fancy as I rarely get the opportunity to put on "real" clothes. But these are a collection of really cute casual clothes that i feel like I could get a lot of daily wear out of.  I probably wont get all this but hopefully most of it. It's no shock that the above is mainly basic colors- black, brown, denim...Im  a color lover except for clothes on myself. I like the versatility of black and browns as well as I just really like to wear those colors. I find that of actual fun colors I wear deep blues, purples, and greens well, however, I find it more fun to accessorize with those colors! But for all you other color lovers out there below is what we will see trending this fall! I'm telling you now...the Samba Red and Emerald Green below are EVERYWHERE right now!

Only a few weeks away from Labor Day...so until then...Happy Fall Shopping!

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