I Got Pin-spired!

I have about 1.7 gazillion outfits pinned to my style board on Pinterest and I'm finally (with the encouragement from Pinterest Told Me To) going to actually do something with these pins. I pin outfits like crazy that reflect my style but continue to go into my closet and put together the same pieces and feel boring by doing so. So I'm super excited to join in on the “Pinspired” fun today and make some magic happen in my closet! :-)

I focused in on my most recent pins today and what I'm currently OBSESSED with-- Camo skinny jeans ( I could faint over how much I love this trend, by the way) and big flares! I totally wouldn't have executed any of the outfits like this had I not had my style pins to reference! It honestly made me feel like a few of these pieces are brand new again (even though they aren't even close to new!!)

So here we go!

Look #1


I have such a soft spot for large flare leg jeans! It's honestly my very favorite cut of jean. So I'm always looking for ideas. This has totally became a "go to" outfit for me. I absolutely love how these pieces came together for a really polish but totally comfortable look! I have owned all of these pieces for at least 2 years so this was very exciting to put together and feel like I had new clothes on!

Look #2


I'm totally wearing this exact outfit on a date with the hubs this weekend! Seriously...could I be more obsessed with these pants??

Look #3

So this outfit was my verison of mixing a denim jacket with  dark camo skinnies! I LOVE the look! For sure would have never put a denim jacket with these without the encouragement from Pinterest and Pinterest Told Me To.

***My fab camo pants are a recent purchase from JcPenny! They are the ANA brand and were on sale for 24 instead of the 40 they were listed for!! I was so happy to find them at a lower price then the original Gap camo skinnies I wanted that were $69...with my ever changing post pregnancy body I just wasn't looking to invest much in this trendy item! I always have huge success at JcPenny's these days it seems! FANTASTIC prices and really cute clothes!

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  1. Love this!! The first outfit is my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!

  2. My sister is a hairstylist so I had to come check you out : ). I on the other hand am not stylish anything. Following with bloglovin now.
    Angela @ Time with A & N ( http://glennbabies.blogspot.com )

  3. I'm still not sold on camo, but you make them look very stylish and cute! And I LOVE the first outfit - good use of the Pantone color of the year, too :-)

  4. I'm still trying to get a hang of Pinterest. They do have some amazing ideas on there though. I love the very first outfit but not so sure about the 2nd one. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms. :)

  5. I love that wider legged jeans are on their way back in. Don't get me wrong. Love the skinnies too but that first outfit is so magnificent. You nailed it!!

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love flares and wider cuts so I'm super excited to be seeing them more and more!! :-)

  6. I just found your blog! I love this idea. How wonderful to actually do something with all of those pins on Pinterest! I am obsessed with flares, too! I love all of your looks. The second one is my favorite!