New Jeans! AHHHHHH...feels so good to be back in normal clothes again! I'm sooo looking forward to fall!!!! (look for my fall fashion picks post in the next week or so!!)
 Enjoying some "me time" at JoAnn's (shopping for materials for some new listings in my Etsy shop!)
 My boys.

 Our home grown tomatoes waiting to be made into salsa. More on that tomorrow!

 Someone was grumpy that morning.
But I still got kisses from my grump.
At 4wks: Rooster Dude is 10 lbs. - beginning to coo & smile.
I said it last week and I'll say it again. He is just so athletic. ;-) Seriously, I could faint over how cute & ridiculous this onesie is! LOL!

The rest is a stupid amount of pictures from one of the best zoo visits we have EVER been on.  Every single animal gave us a good show and Nugget was sooo excited since we hadn't been in over a month.

She has NEVER gotten anything at the zoo before and somehow won Dad over this time. Meet her lion, appropriately named "Simba"
 She actually introduced "Simba" to the tiger.


  1. Jeans: Love
    Fabric: love the 2nd one from the top
    Kids: always adorable
    Zoo: Jealous you saw a tiger that wasn't actually sleeping

  2. Yeah well I have the jeans where is my cool weather? I actually see making my aprons in the near future. You better put a memo out to zoo animals I expect the same when Rooster King and I come. What have you done to me little baby he is growing way to fast!!!