This last week was super low key yet amazing. I feel like we got load accomplished around the roost and just enjoyed some good quality time. Not a lot to report in about..but thats ok! Sometimes these weeks are just what you need! :-)

 I finally was quick enough with my phone to get some cutie pix of Rooster Dudes smiles

I seriously could eat him up. 

Meanwhile Nugget girl was busy being the crazy daisy spit fire that she is...
 she loves to lean waaaaay back in the swing...this girl is gonna give me a heart attack.
and seriously.....only when you are 2 1/2 can you wear purple polka dots pants and leopard rainboots in the middle of summer with hair half pulled out of her ponytail and still look too cute for words. The bazaar clothing combinations this girl can pull off amazes me. I'm not gonna lie...I'm jealous.

Rooster Dude is a growing boy weighing in somewhere over 11 pounds now...big enough to snuggle up in his Mama's old sleepers. That is right. These were mine, then they were Nuggets, and now Rooster Dudes. They are the most snuggly, soft, and precious pieces I've ever seen my children in.

He was barely awake and wishing Mama would get her phone out of his face I think.
We spent the entire week at home...no playdates. It was a nice break after traveling last weakend. I did escape one night for a wine with my girlfriend Amber from The Browsing Brunette. I haven't gone out for a drink in well over 10-11 months. Refreshed and Renewed.

And then we ended the amazingly relaxing week with a casual cookout with Amber and her family. The kids played their hearts out in the gorgeous 70's weather.

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