List - #16

1. I can't decide if my 2nd favorite color is sparkles or animal prints.

2. When I was a young child (who knows how old) I ate a gobstopper that was found underneath the fridge when my Mom was cleaning. EWWW!!!
*Mother Hen: why did you let me do this? 1- its gross. 2-now I have to live my life knowing I did this.

3. The placement of my coffee table stresses me out. Do I center it between the couch and the chair so it looks "right" or do I place it so that its actually convenient from the couch (where we sit the most)?? #hardlifedecisions

4. My sister made fun of me as a child for wearing sweatpants to school everyday....nothing has changed I suppose. #iloveyogapants

5. It really bothers me that Jessica Simpson hasn't released photo of her baby. COME ON ALREADY! I'm totally getting impatient!
P.S. Thank goodness Kanye finally put all of us out of our misery and showed off his and Kim's baby North.

6. Some things being organized really well stress me out worse then if weren't organized at all. I love order but I do believe there is such a thing of being too organized.

7. How can I wear a shirt from 6:30am -11am before the tag started to itch? I DONT UNDERSTAND.

8. I just bought these black and white aztec-like printed leggings from Target and my husband told me they looked "old lady"......Thats not exactly what I hoped to hear from the hubs!  Too bad! I'm gonna wear them anyways!!

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  1. What do you mean 'let you eat' the gobstopper. I would have had to arm wrestle you to not eat it. The greatest moment was that your brother and I both said at the same time as I drug it out from under the refrigerator all fuzzy with lint, "I bet Spicy would eat that" you came bouncing down the stairs and glided into the kitchen. . screetch to a stop pick it up and blow it off and into your mouth!