Refabbed- Playroom Lamp

I needed a lamp because I inherited 2 of these tables. Makes sense right? :-)

**They still need hardware- thinking of some fun ornate white knobs from Hobby Lobby.**
These were my parents a long time ago. Then they were passed around to us kiddos as we all got our first apartments or houses and needed furniture. So last fall when helping Fancy Chicken clear out, clean, and paint what was going to become a playroom in her house we decided these tables would be super fun if they were painted a fun bright color. So long story short is this: Mother Hen painted them. I distressed them. They didn't fit in Fancy Chickens playroom. Now they reside in my playroom.

I love them.

I had to remove a floor lamp to fit them in so I was then on a quest to find the perfect table lamp.

Light Inspirations

Crate and Barrel drum lamp shade / Safavieh Paris Table Lamp / Paris Ceramic White Table Lamp - Bed Bath & Beyond / Kathy Ireland Home Grand Maison Small Table Lamp - Bed Bath & Beyond / Continuum 18' White Table Lamp - Bed Bath & Beyond

EEEEEEK!!! Check out those prices!! Nope. Hello NO. Not happening.... So I had to shift into DIY mode.

Off to Goodwill I went.
BOOM! 5 Dolla!!! 

Shes a Beauty in all her peachy and gold glory! All jokes aside...her shape was perfect.

Next stop- Buy white spray paint ($4)

Then I ran to Target and picked up a shade. ($15) I went with a linen-tan color to soften the stark white base and also coordinate with the playroom's curtains. 

Three coats of paint and an hour of drying in the beautiful 75 degrees winds and she was done. Topped her off with the shade and this is my final product:


 Total Spent: $24
  I like that price :-)

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