A Fancy Place to Play Dress Up!

Like almost all projects I embark on, this one started the same way. I buy something with no plan in mind...then said item actually is the beginning of a huge domino effect of things needed to complete a whole project that wasn't even planned when I first picked up the item in the store. I swear this is what happens all the time. Like last week...we initially were just looking for a new front door handle to and rekey the other outside doors to match and somehow we ended up coming home with hundreds of dollars worth of door knobs for the whole house! Anyway..enough rambling.. (Im sorry I can't help it... I'm a spaz)

Ok. To the point. We bought these beauties.

I mean seriously. They are to die for, yes? I HAD to have them. I kid you not. I had NO plan in mind when I first picked them up. But I knew I had to have at least 4. I wanted more but at 4 dollars a pop and with no real plan for them, I wasn't willing to spend more then the $16 worth of knobs I had picked up. Hubs agreed that they def. were a can't live without item for Nugget girls room. By the time we left the store we had began brainstorming and really settled in on the fact that she LOOOOOVES to play in her closet. Somehow they were going to be involved in her closet. We were on to something.  As we drove home I began to think about how just earlier that day I had been going through toys etc in the playroom trying to figure out how and where lil Rooster Dude's toys will fit into our well established playroom thats completely dominated by Nugget right now. One of my thoughts earlier had been that for starters her dress up clothes needed to find a new home outside of the playroom. That would open up one entire storage ottoman for his toys. This way the each kid would have one ottoman...yada yada yada...you get the point. You can probably see where this is going...

We decided to take one whole section of her closet and totally make it over as a "Dress Up Nook."
4 sparkly bedazzled knobs + a fab mirror (that she seriously cant get enough of) +  a fun little canvas + 2 containers for all her jewelry, and play hair dryer etc + and some comfy pillows made this space the most amazing lil hangout any diva-licious toddler girl could ask for!

This is the first look she rocked out from her new "dress up nook"

I love love love how this turned out. I kinda want it be mine. I would still want to possibly paint inside her closet, like a soft pink, but I loathe painting so if that happens before she is a teenager I'll be shocked and amazed.  But, I wanna keep it real with ya'll- here is what the other end of her closet looks like. It obviously needs some organizational love.

To be continued...


  1. So fun!! Everyone needs a fancy place!!

  2. I am a little concerned for Nugget you are totally living out your fantasy bucket list via her. I remember a few of your "I wish I had" ideas :-) Very cute she will have lots of fun dressing up little Dude, hahahahahahhahah