BACON! - Bacon & Chicken Packet

I want to start off by apologizing to all my
readers. It's been two weeks since I've tried a new bacon recipe. I know...I let y'all down. I'm sorry. I hope that my Bacon-Chicken Packet today makes up for it.
So today's recipe is based from a "bacon wrapped chicken" pin on pinterest that came from ArtsyFartsyMama. I chose to leave out the cream cheese that she used and added onion and green pepper. Of course I loaded on the cheese though. :-)

To sum up:

- I arranged the bacon in a lattice pattern (3 pieces one way and 2 the other way) and then laid the chicken breast inside.
- On top of the chicken I sprinkled some garlic powder, onion, green pepper, and cheese.
- Then finished wrapping the bacon around the chicken.
- Baked at 400 for 45 min (flipping half way through) then I turned oven up to 500 for just a short bit to finish off the bacon a bit more.
(For a visual step by step I recommend visiting the link I listed of where this recipe was based on!)

The Man Review:

1. Would you say these met your expectations based on initial pin from Pinterest?
Tom:  "Yes."  (he is a man of few words. hahaha)

2. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being very difficult) what would you rate the difficulty of this dish?
Tom: "2"

3. What additional ingredient would you add or what is one that you might change?
Tom: "I would maybe substitute the green pepper for jalapeƱo."

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