Is it a Closet or a Small Garage? -- Mother Hen

 I must admit building a new house seven years ago brought a couple of amazing changes in how I stored things, stuff, treasures, aka junk. Now I have a full basement, as well as a walk in attic upstairs that I can literally slide a fully decorated, full size Christmas tree in upright for yearly storage. These two additions in my life are like a piece of heaven. Before not having either of these I became somewhat of a master at packing things into closets, under beds, under and behind furniture even in the rafters of the garage. Turkey helped me empty the garage rafters at the old house and could NOT believe all the crap I had wiggled into such a small area. I am sure he regretted offering to help after we got started.

So now not only do I have the basement and walk in attic, I also have the luxury of a walk in closet. Spicy’s first sight of the closet reported it was big enough to park her car in!!!!!! “Are you kidding here, we have to go shopping to get you more cloths to fill this baby up”. (That was no lie, I was used to a very small amount of space as Rooster King and I shared one standard closet). So let’s fast forward seven years. More clothes, shoes, purses, etc. accumulated both for myself as well as Rooster King, plus a fireproof safe bolted to the floor every man lusts after. Also included is one whole shelf above reach of little grand chicks that serves as what I refer to as ‘closet office’. Please tell me how we ever managed for thirty years with just a plain old desk and one tiny "office" cabinet in the kitchen? Sort of drives me crazy seeing all of this every day... multiple times per day.

Actually, the very sight of this wonderland closet sort of drives me crazy. I mean every damn thing is either jumping in your face or else you are forced to organize, label & box everything or look at those same pathetic clothes season after season. No correction ‘every’ season year round. You know it there are entire business' just for closets! Years ago people lived with a 4ft. wide free standing wardrobe and that included your Sunday going to church dresses and winter coat! I do cover up, with a sheet, the off season clothes because it is never mentioned when planning these parking lot closets they gets dusty just like and maybe more than any other room in your house! Now, I feel guilted into actually dusting and vacuuming another room and keep it presentable. You are thinking yawn, poor Mother Hen, waaaaaa shut up already, you have this amazing closet. Problem here is while I do love it. . . .It drives me nuts-o. See I am not OCD, but I do not do well with crap laying around and disorder. I am my own worst enemy, so to enjoy my closet I need to have it ‘in order’. What ever happened to just sliding the door shut? Oh sometimes the old simple was best.  

-Mother Hen-
Thanks Mother Hen! We always love to hear what your clucking about! :-)
While I LOVE to "decorate" my closet (aka put all my fancies on display) I have to agree that having a large closet does sort of force into cleaning it...and that SUCKS.  Mother Hen- if I had it my way I have all your fabulous shoes out on display on those shelves. But I know you will never go for it....I have to be honest that I actually have to dust my shoes since I keep them out in the open. Also, I want to just say that this photo of her closet does not even come close to portraying how large this space is. I mean seriously. I really do think a car would fit in there. This photo is missing like 3-4 feet of her closet! Ridiculous.


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