Keeping The Great Past Alive #2 - Mother Hen

We have Mother Hen in da house!!! WHAT -WHAT!! 

This favorite brings back not only wonderful memories of Queen Hen but even further Grand Queen Mother Hen. This old fashioned favorite recalls when the world moved at a much much slower pace. Also with the slower pace was the non-existence of mega supermarkets. We think we have the upper hand on creativity with foods, but truth be told our ancestors were creative out of necessity.
The part that is somewhat disturbing is while this beautiful plant in the garden looks harmless, actually the giant leaves are poisonous. So I’ve been told and I certainly do not plan to test this out. How was it arrived that the stems are OK to eat but not the leaves??????
I’m sure trying to make something special with the few staples available while living a farm life made this a repeat and much anticipated treat in the spring of each year....I must admit, I too, am eager each spring to see the green pushing thru the soil challenging the winter to go away. This plant is from a start from my Grand Queen Mother Hen and most likely she received it from her family. Since I have my Grand Queen Mother’s wedding ring and the date inscribed inside the ring reveals it is 100 yrs old this year 2013 I feel sure this plant is nearly as old. I have transplanted and separated this myself two times to help encourage a larger crop. My biggest worry was in moving this plant seven years ago when we moved to our new Hen House. I worried the change of soil may be too much and I hoped very much to keep the family alive. With some extra love and attention the plant made the move and has kept us each year with an abundance of rhubarb pies and rhubarb jam. Both favorites of our family and now the little Grand Chicklets. Thanks Grand Queen Mother this Mother Hen will do her best to keep your plant and pass along to next generation to remember you.

Rhubarb Pie

Ingredients:  2-3 eggs
                       1 C sugar
                       1 T flour   
Beat eggs. Mix flour and sugar together, then add to eggs.

Stir in chopped rhubarb 3-4 cups to fill unbaked pie shell.  I like to fill my pie shell as full as possible without creating a disaster in the oven.

Bake 1 hour at 350.

**I add some strawberry jello just for the fun pink color.


- Mother Hen -

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