Sorry for the photo overload you are about to see. :-)

 Truly... I'm in awe over how pretty she is.
And this guy...I mean cute doesn't even describe it. 
I sorry that Im so obnoxiously obsessed with my kids.
 My dad turned me on to this app- The Word Among Us (catholic daily mass readings and devotional) I'm can't even express how much I enjoy this and I can't believe The Rooster King has been reading this for years and I never thought to try it out myself.
 Doing some bike riding while Turkey swept the garage out.
 and then horsin' around like they always do.
Nugget girl HAD to sit in a bumbo like her brother one night before bed. She said it the seat was "tight" LOLOL  Ya think??? YOUR 2 1/2 years old silly girl!
 I TRIED to make cupcakes. Only a few ended up pretty. Someone - ahem, Nugget- got involved and might have tweaked the icing design some.
 yep..its that time again. The dude is 3 months old. WHAT?? I know I know..I can't believe it. 

 I like to call this photo the "Purple Perfection Parade"
We matched. It happened. We went to the zoo. I loved every second.
Rest stop.

The week ended with self shot family photos! HA!!! We finally got a remote for our nikon and it was perfect.The idea of a "perfect" photo with two kids is totally ridiculous so we just decided our real life craziness is what we wanted to capture anyways. We shot these in about 15 min or less. It was perfect. No fuss. No muss. Here are some of our favorites!
This photo was a total accident and its for sure one of my favorites! In all honesty I was just doing a lighting test shot and they just so happened to be standing like this! I'm trying really hard to shoot in manual mode these days therefore it requires a lot more test shots for me to get it "right"...I obviously still have a ways to go but I'm making some progress and gaining more confidence!
It is IMPOSSIBLE to get 2 adults and 2 kids to all look at the camera and smile simultaneously. Therefore my general guidelines for a good photo these days is 3 out of 4 are facing camera and at least SOMEONE has to have a smile. LOL!!!
This is our hands down favorite. Pretty sure this will be the christmas card shot this year. I decided to share this year ahead of time because this is "US" right now and I want to share it now. So sorry to all ya'll that will see this repeat offender come christmas time in your mailboxes! :-)
My eyes are closed. Nugget was having a fit trying to get down.  And both of my dudes are just chillin. This is real life. It doesn't get any more genuine then this. It's our life.

The most beautiful shot of the day. This makes my heart so happy.


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