After getting back into town from our 4 day trip home last weekend we enjoyed a relaxing evening outside with a little kite flying fun. 

Both kiddies had checkups this last week. (2.5 year and 2 months) They both are right on track- growing and developing well. We almost didn't make it back to the actual appointments though for Nugget girl was OBSESSED with this train track table they had in the waiting area. I may or may not have bribed her with the notion of ice cream after lunch if we could simply step away from the trains.

LONG OVERDUE. New door handle on front door and new door knobs through out the lower level of the house. No more shiny shiny gold knobs! (Our pretty new front door handle/deadbolt of course is very different from the old handles shape so we either have some touch up painting to do around the deadbolt or possibly even completely re-paint the door.)
Hope to tackle the upstairs door knobs in the next few weeks.

Nugget loves to hold her baby brother. So sweet.

Yes girls...Thats exactly what I had intended for those storage ottomans. Please take all the toys out and then get in. hahahaahha These crazy lil ladies are always coming up with new ideas.

So Turkey doesn't do cards. like EVER. (I'm talkin maybe 2 cards in the last 10 years.) And RARELY does he do flowers. Don't worry though he is still the most thoughtful guy ever...just in his own ways. He totally surprised me on Thursday evening by showing me how he had bought my blog domain and set up the website forwarding! Seriously...what a thoughtful surprise! 

ummmmm....Hobby Lobby moved in right by my house. We TORE. THAT. PLACE. UP. this weekend after I had recovered from a nasty little run in with mastitis this past week. (worst thing ever BTW) 
Tom found this sign above and insisted that we have it. And this, my friends, is why he and I are perfect for each other. 
1. Not many husbands would actually enjoy a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby.
2. Of the few who would enjoy such an event, I would imagine on a select few would find something as completely glorious as the above sign that his wife would actually like and too feel like it was a must buy item.
We can't even stop laughing each time we read this and its just so us. 

And lastly, the orange playroom tables finally got some beautiful green knobs (also found at hobby lobby- along with an embarrassing amount of other decor treasures)

Heres to a healthier and slower paced week, a couple projects, and finally beginning my book for this month. 
 Happy Monday Ya'll!

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  1. 1) It's like Mini Valerie holding Mini Tom :)
    2) yay for getting your domain name!