This week was amazingly slow and relaxing. We spent the whole week at home for the most part and just laid low..with the exception of escaping one evening out to dinner with one of my girlfriends and a fun little shopping trip to JoAnn's over the weekend for supplies for Nugget girls halloween costume! I got TONS of online christmas shopping done this week as well as planning for my Halloween Playdate and Colts vs. Broncos party for next month!
Good morning coffee with some Today Show enjoyment began each morning of my week--no running our the door first thing at all this week! Love it. But as any mother knows i basically only enjoyed about 3 seconds of my show! ;-)
We officially moved Rooster Dude to his own room. This was his first night and I promptly ran to target the next day to buy one of those mesh breathable crib liners after he woke up an hour early with his leg stuck through the crib. Somehow I never had this issue with Nugget.
Nugget has a new way to go down the slide. I'm just waiting for her to bust her face doing this.
Officially set our halloween playdate party plans and emailed the invites to everyone!! 
Meanwhile the temps dropped into the 70's and I couldn't be happier. Plus I got to bust out my "old lady" leggings as Tom calls them.
He and I are both finally coming around to this "baby wearing" thing. He sorta likes "helping" me chase Nugget around outside. LOL

A beautiful Colts football sunday!! 
I gave Nugget her 2nd official full hair cut Sunday evening. She even enjoyed having it blown out! So pretty.
And just a side note: She is 2 1/2 and just had her 2nd full haircut...my lil dude is almost 3 months and in the next week or so will be getting his 2nd full haircut. I swear this kid is growing his hair like a grown up already ...at least a half inch a month it seems! 

So that was the highlights of our week! See you all back here tomorrow. Tuesday's blog post is a real "treat" LOLOLOL

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