We had a super fun a fabulous week yet a little crazy too. Thats just the way we like it around here though ;-) Again, I got more christmas shopping taken care of....went through all Rooster Dude's clothes--he is growing like a weed!!! He is officially in 6 months clothes and is one week shy of 3 months old. Big difference from my lil Nugget girl who didn't wear 6 month clothes until she was 7 months old! LOL!!!

After having words with my coffee maker and declaring that I was breaking up with it, we began the week going to our friends' house for a playdate.
Nugget was introduced to the world of light saber fights. I think she kinda loved it!

And then about 2.5 seconds after Tom got home from work I DEMANDED that we go buy a Keurig. 
Old Coffee Maker -0   Me-1
I'm in love.

The next morning went so much better for me ;-) When Mama is happy then everyone is happy. As Tom always loves to use the famous saying "happy wife = happy life"
and then my lil dude was all like "hello...Im really cute"

The next day things took a turn for the worst....and to the doctor we went. So this lil guy has been having some mild rash and dryness that was progressivly getting worse over the last two weeks. Wednesday he woke up all red and blotchy. We learned that he has a moderate case of eczema and now does medicated baths twice a week.  His skin was "angry" the doctors said. :-( Doctor also reccommends that he be lotion-ed 3 times a day to keep him from getting dry. Thats a lot of lotion people! But anything for my lil dude. In addition to all that the doctor says no more dryer sheets and no more perfume or cologne for Tom and I. 
That means I had to do aprox. 12 loads of laundry last week. Re-washing ANYTHING he wears or comes into contact with to get the dryer sheet residue off. So that was fun.
Today he looks as beautiful as ever. Eczema under control. I'm sure we will have outbreaks but he is back to his baby soft skin and his rash is almost completely cleared up.
We went out for pancakes per Nugget's request and I can't even help but tell on Tom. Who eats this much food???

OMGOSH both kids slept at the exact same time for 2 1/2 hours on Thursday and it was Ahhhhhh-mazing!!
I was able to get SO MUCH done. I even had time after chores to have a little fun and work on what will be the cutest little witch costume anyone has ever seen. :-)
And then after this crazy amazing nap we met my friend Tiffany and he cutie son for a fun lil Starbucks/Target shopping trip with our kids. She and I are shopping buddies for years now. It's not exactly the same as it used to be without kids... but we are happy to switch from our Von Maur trips of trying on fun clothes to Starbucks and Target with our kids and just browsing and sipping some coffee goodness.

The weekend came and it was a really tough one for the Dude. <laced with sarcasm>
So while that happened,
This happened:
We finally finished replacing all the ugly gold boob lights in the basement. These are basically the next best thing to recessed lighting (which is a project Tom refuses to do down there). Theses are lovely and white. They blend right in and go un-noticed.
And then we had another small success. This lil guy REFUSES to eat from a bottle. We have been trying since he was 2 weeks old. Per advice from doctor we are now on a new plan to give him bottles of pedialite untill he takes them like a champ...then move into the milk arena. He took 2 ounces. Baby steps!

Saturday evening was UBER FUN at my friend Amber's house for a Lash Bash party sponsored by Ipsy and Benefit cosmetics! It was a fabulous Mama's night out , drinks, and some fun makeup goodies! 
And then Sunday total relaxation with another quick escape during nap time for Amber and I to go do some shopping for our giveaway coming up on October 1st! Its some fun stuff everyone! Seriously be sure to mark your calendars....to quote Amber "can we enter our own giveaway?" LOLOL...but for reals..I wouldn't be upset if I won this basket of goodies :-)



  1. It was GREAT to meet you at Amber's! You're going to love your Keuirg! It's one of the most amazing inventions...

  2. You can tell Tom I can kill some major breakfast good eating at bob evans :) and I almost didn't see Tom feeding the baby in that shirt ;)

  3. Wow! Busy weekend! My son had eczema as a baby so I know what you are going through. It faded away as he got older but for years it was mild soaps, free-everything detergent, lots of lotion and no perfume for mama! I'm sorry! Anything for the babe though right?

    1. Aww your poor son. Im glad to hear you say he will probably grow out it!! I feel so bad for my lil guy but its really calmed down now and under control. Now I'm just wondering how easily he will flare up from being around/being held by friends and family who aren't using all hypoallergenic detergents and wear perfumes!

  4. I just got a Keurig too!!! Its kinda changed my life. I can't believe you're already doing Christmas shopping!! Good for you. I should really get on the ball, but I'm still trying to figure out Halloween costumes...
    Meg @ The Patchwork Paisley