What Is This?

My creative and spunky little nugget girl always keeps me on my toes...in a variety of ways. She is so imaginative these days. From lions, donkeys, and witches living in her room to pretend cooking pizza to creating what I only can describe as collections of toys that somehow are special to her even though I can't even begin to make sense of them. These collections that I speak of is what I want to focus on today.

What typically happens is this:

<Nugget enters stage right>

-She puts together a collection of crap toys.
-She then hands me this "arrangement" of things.
-She will immediately ask me if I like it.
-I always say..."of course I like it...but what is this?"
-She will stare at me blankly...
-And usually follow up with "you like it mommy?" just to confirm that I do, indeed, like it.

<end scene>

Here are a few of my "favorites"

this one wasn't nearly as "creative" but she was still very proud

And here is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER. This spectacular treasure actually accompanied her to Target with me one day. I don't know why. But you choose your battles, right??? She held it proudly the.entire.time.  She clutched it to her chest where everyone could see it for the entire duration of the shopping trip. A small piece of me died that day..but I've since recovered some of my dignity and now find the story funny.

Just to be clear here...what you can not see is ALL that inside of this old yogurt container. A post-it note pad and a small candle and topped off with one of my kitchen dish towels.
Yes. This actually happened.

I somehow don't think this will be the only post I do about her "collections."

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