AAF Inspired-10 Questions for Mother Hen

So I've had a little fun two fridays during the last month participating in a link up called Ask Away Friday. I loved how perfect strangers brought up questions/topics that I have never addressed or would have thought of before here on my blog! I immediately knew I wanted to come up with 10 questions for my own Mama-the great Mother Hen. We all think we know our family and friends inside and out but really there are always question marks. So my challenge to myself was to come up 10 questions that I TRULY did NOT know the answers to and ask Mother Hen all about them! This was fun!! So without furter ado here is my lil Q&A with Mother Hen!

1.You have seen lots of trends come and go. We all know history repeats itself. What is one thing you are happy to see back in style and one thing that you had hoped would never come back?
Hahaha! What used to be called stretch comfy pants now yoga pants are always a hit no matter what name you call them. And, Eeeeekkkkk!!!! Big helmet head hair! Totally too much work teasing, roller sets, wrapping hair in toilet paper for bed, and gallons of hairspray.

2. If you were famous what would you be famous for? 
Not sure about being famous... but being a chameleon and able to change colors.  I can put on my muck boots and go to the barn and pitch poo; butcher a chicken - then turn around and slip into my business cloths for work, or dancing shoes and head out for some drinks and fun with my hubs.  Most people don’t know both sides of me like that.

3. What is your favorite beauty product?
Cannot say enough about how much I love my permanent eyeliner! When I turned 40 brought a whole new level to doing makeup.  Crazy hard to put on eyeliner with glasses on; and just crazy scary looking results doing so without glasses.

 5. I read this on another blog and thought it was hilarious...
Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or one hundred duck sized horses? 
I am going to go with one hundred  duck size horses, hopefully they follow the same principal as actual horses and tend to follow the lead horse. Maybe I could get them to follow me into a gated corral. I would get the bejeezus smacked out of me from a horse size duck.

6. I feel like the world needs to know about your "fat pen" obsession. Can you please show us your collection? How many do you have and which ones are your favorites? 
Before I can share my collection, know WHY I have this fat pen obsession. It all came from planning a fun family day horseback riding about 17 yrs ago.  Everything going fabulous UNTIL the girth strap on my saddle broke and I ROCKETED off that horse, which kept running.  Fast forward: trip to emergency room, surgery, cast, seriously painful physical therapy.  I broke both arm bones exactly at the end that that matches up with hand, thus a sort of Z shape wrist.  I can use standard slim pens, however I found while learning to get control and strength of the same  hand after said ‘fun’ day the fat pens (even the somewhat heavy pens) were so much easier to hold and less fatigue on my wrist.  I still use and LOVE them. Lots of Dr. offices used to get them from drug reps so they were always plentiful plus my daughter works in hospital with reps always dropping off goodies.  This has changed now, law passed they cannot ‘gift’ while making sales calls, so I guard my stash.  The picture shows about 30 or so pens and pretty sure I have maybe close to that many more between my office and purse.  

7. What do you enjoy more- Cooking or Sewing? And what is your "Favorite" thing you have made? 
Cooking.  I must admit this is nothing exquisite but I love my recipe and making homemade dressing my Mother taught me.

8.What are you the most obsessive compulsive about?  
This is by far the easiest question. Hands down having all the light switches going the same direction on multiple switch plates.  It makes me crazy to see them going different directions.

9. Going back to the question I answered a few weeks ago about my children in 20 years.....20 years ago how would you have imagined all us kids? What has shocked you and what did you predict perfectly? 
Shock: Jason having four kids, and you sliding into motherhood of two kids with such natural ease. Spot on for Vanessa, having her animals (2 horses, 4 miniature donkeys, 4 hens, 1 60 lb lap dog) and having her baby to snuggle and mother.

10. Ask The Rooster King- If he could choose one word to describe you what would it be?  
He replied – caregiver.  I think he was being nice to me as he usually just says I am feisty.

Thanks for playing along Mother Hen!! 

...You are 100% feisty....Where do you think I came from after all? Thats for sure what he was thinking in his head but you are a caregiver at heart first and foremost. Can we just settle on "feisty - caregiver"???
...and you know I love "helmet hair"...I love some big coiffed hair and I HOPE it does come back in style! lololol!!!

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