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This is without a doubt going to be a multi-post series. I had no intention of breaking this down into 3 or 4 posts until I got both kids down to sleep for their naps and like all projects I embark on uttered the famous words of "this will only take a few minutes" to photograph all my treasures. HA! I knew I had a lot of antique/vintage throughout my house but WOAH!!! I have way more then I realized. And then the more I ran around like a crazy woman photographing the more this post seemed to evolve in my head. I care more deeply about all my vintage-antique items that I posess than any other piece I have ever bought new in this house. When you play the game of "if your house is on fire what would you grab" (Obviously my kids and pets -DUH and I realized you should grab nothing else...) but what I always immediately think of are some of these old items that belonged to my mom/grandma...etc. I've thought for a long time about doing a "house tour" on my blog because I just love decorating and playing with the styling of my house. I love house tours on blogs. It's such a great source of inspiration to me but I never could figure out how to do it in a way that seemed like "me"....This finally feels right. Rather than show entire rooms I feel best about sharing what I most proud of and what I treasure. I can't   wait to share my style with you all.

So lets begin today with our recent Antiquing Date. We try to do this at least once a year around our anniversary! We LOVE LOVE LOVE spending the day walking from shop to shop. We both truly share the same decor style so this something we really connect about.

Saturday. Perfect weather. Music filled the streets.
Best clutch ever. I paid 1 dollar.

She came home with me :-) You will see as you keep going...she lives in my bedroom. She is bright orange and she makes me happy. ($20)
This lovely didn't make it home with me because it just wasn't the right price (I think it was like $100)....I'm a little bit famous for coming up with unrealistic prices for things and I will only purchase if equal to or less than. I would have only paid $35 for this. Thats just how I roll...
Ummmmm...when you find a stamper that says "spice" and you yourself are "Spicy Chicken" then you know it totally is a must buy. ($1)
"Ball" jars that perfectly match our basement/office/craft area colors. Yep. One shop had them for a steal at $3 a jar. I saw them as high as $7 a jar at some shops!

Let me tell you about this Bingo card. This one is special believe it or not. This card if you look closely once belonged to St. Joseph Catholic Church.  My great grandfather helped build that church. My parents were married in that church. I was baptized,  made my first communion, confirmed in that church. I was married in that church. How would I not snag one of these? Now my regret is not buying more of them.  It too matches my basement perfectly. ($1)
Bread bowl. I wanted a big blue one like my mothers but I wasn't willing to fork over $55 dollars. So I settled on this smaller $12 brown one. She matches my house better anyway.

Some oldies for the man cave area. ($1/plate)
for the kiddies. ($1.75 ea)
Hello gorgeous. You are fabulous. I will sit in you and drink coffee often....
So that just about sums up our success from last weekend. I have so much more vintage to share...from large refabbed furniture pieces, my grandmothers quilts and afghans, to other "picked" pieces from previous antiquing dates.

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  1. love that clutch. And I've seen some Ball jars as high as $25!!