And the Winner is......+ October Goals. + LIFE.

Thanks to everyone who had a little fun with The Browsing Brunette and I celebrating our love for fall last week. Our giveaway ended at midnight and a WINNER was randomly chosen by Rafflecopter! So a BIG CONGRATS TO: RACHEL!!! 

Next item on today's agenda is my October goals! I know I'm a whole week late but last week was busy with Pin-spired, the giveaway, and then participating in Ask Away Friday.

And lastly for today I want to celebrate last week's fabulocity! Seriously. It was a FAB week. (minus a few nights of being hung up in meetings for Tom)
First of all I need to shout to the world what feels like a huge success. When I took Nugget for her 2 1/2 year checkup a while back she REFUSED to even open her mouth for the Doc which resulted in me  holding her down and the doc prying her mouth open. It was not a good moment for either of us....ever since then I had been DREADING Monday AM's dentist apt. Her FIRST denist apt. I talked it up so much. We "practiced" what going to the dentist would be like. We watched some you tube videos of going to the dentist. SHE WAS AN ANGEL at the dentist. Seriously...It was one of those moments where I felt like I had succeeded as a Mother preparing her and coaching her. I was so proud of how amazing and cooperative she was. There is no photo of her first appointment. I was in the moment with her and the memory is all I need. #proudmommy

I sincerely mean this when I say I hardly ever get to snuggle both kiddies at the same time and someone isn't having a fit. This moment was def. picture worthy to me!

This lil guy is growin like a weed. He is becoming more and more interested in toys. He especially loves when he can maneuver one into his mouth. I can't believe he is ready for an exer-saucer! He absolutely loves hanging out in that thing. Of course he is on the young side for it so he can only do about 10 min or so and we have to use a big blanket in there to help support him. He loves to hang out and watch his sister play while he is in there!
5 YEARS OF MARRIAGE and 10 years together to my best friend. It was really amazing to sit down with a bottle of champage Friday pm and talk about how far we have come. We are so very blessed beyond words. 

We usually aren't really extravagant with gift giving or even celebrating our anniversary but since this was sort of a bigger anniversary being 5 years and 10 years together we sorta made a bigger deal this year. So we began by having a little family celebration at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday evening of our anniversary...AKA when Mommy gave Daddy his ring- per Nugget. She kept saying The Cheesecake Factory was "fancy"...I think this is honestly one of the nicest places we have ever taken her though. She LOVED looking around. And Rooster Dude...well he didn't really give a s**t that it was a family celebration night and he totally zonked out for the whole event. LOL
Saturday we left our kids for the very first time with a babysitter that wasn't either of our parents or just a girlfriend of mine. This in and of itself was a "milestone" in our lives. Tom and I went out on a real date and a super amazing restaurant called Ocean Prime that we had been DYING to try for over a year now. It was AMAZING. Good food. Good atmosphere. Got to wear heels! :-) And best of all  it was so fantastic to go spend one on one time with the hubs and get back to just "us."

We decided to purchase a nice full length mirror for our bedroom as our "gift" to each other. I mean seriously...how have we lived in this house for 1.5 years with no full length mirror!?? I must say its nice to see my legs again.

Just a little horsin' around on Saturday morning. She loves action. Thanks to Tom for snapping some really cute pix of this moment. 
Sunday was crazy rainy and fabulous. It was one of those days where everything just went right. I can't express how seriously awesome Sunday (and really just the whole entire week) was. Tom was supposed to mow, but honestly, I'm not complaining that he got stuck inside with us all day. We stopped by the store and bought some pumpkins to reward Nugget girl for her non-giggly, non-talking, non-bouncing off the walls, out of the ordinary good behavior in church. We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch if she was good but it was too rainy and she didn't seem to care that we just popped over to the grocery store instead. (boring, I know...but I'm telling you this girl wanted a pumpkin so bad that I don't think she cared where it came from) 
We just cozied up inside all day watching football and painting pumpkins!

So thats that! I've got a fun week coming up for ya'll this week. A lil clucking from Mother Hen and a fashion-y post! Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary... you both look so happy in that pic together! :)
    I love your "Christmas shop like it's my job" goal.. I need adopt that one too! I actually have to birthday AND Christmas shop at the same time so I better get on it.
    Happy Monday!! :)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby