Ask Away Friday.

The AHHHH-MAZING Meg from The Patchwork Paisley
 asked ME  
to participate this week in a link up that she has been a part of for a while now called #Ask Away Friday.
 If you are wondering what it's all about- Penny at The Real Housewives of Caroline County kicked off this link up as a way to get to know fellow bloggers. You exchange 10 questions, then link up with other bloggers doing the same in the name of Ask Away Friday. Meg has been participating for quite a while and after discovering each others blogs a while back she thought I might like to join! She has an amazing craft/personal blog that I just adore. She is a wife, Mama to two girls, and a middle school art teacher. Her blog encompasses it all. You have to check out how seriously talented she is HERE

So here are her 10 questions (which are fabulous questions I might add):

1.Your blog, Chicken Scratch, aside from being adorbs, has an interesting chicken theme going on. Can you enlighten our readers?
I wish I had an exciting story but it's really not...
I was coloring my sister's hair one day and I kept calling her a fancy chicken. I'm really bazaar like that and the most random things fly out of my mouth. I honestly don't even make sense half of the time. I'm 4 years younger then her so I'm still sometimes that annoying little sister that she can't stand ;-) She of course wanted me to stop calling her a fancy chicken so instead I just insisted on calling her that more and more. It sorta just stuck and from there all the girls in my family have slowly earned a chicken name. My mom is Mother Hen. My sister-n-law is Chicken Strips...well she will prob. kill me for telling this story but its too good not to share... She just randomly stood up and took her pants off one time in the middle of living room shocking us all. What we didn't know as she was doing it was that she had a pair of comfy cotton shorts on underneath. It was sort of one of those "had to be there moments" but I'm sure you can imagine the shock we all felt as we "THOUGHT" she was just simply taking her pants off!!  I'm Spicy Chicken. No good story. I'm just one "spicy" gal. I'm a spit fire...lose cannon at times...and always up to something!
My daughter is Chicken Nugget because she is a tiny lil girl and my niece is crazy chicken because she is hilarious and all over the place. 
So with all that background info I can now explain that a few months before I quit my salon job to stay at home full time I began this blog as a project to keep my creative juices flowing once I wasn't working anymore. While I was blowing out a clients hair one day, all the sudden the name "Chicken Scratch" struck me and I knew that was it. I think I began my blog on my next day off! My hopes was to be the primary author but have all my chicken girls contribute from time to time. Mother Hen writes regularly on here but both of my sisters have contributed too! 

2.You are super crafty. I've checked out your Etsy shop and love all the adorable baby and mama accessories! Post a pic of your favorite item in your shop right now...
Sometimes I get sad when things sell! HAHA! I love it all so much that I secretly want to keep it all but that really makes no sense since I  don't have a newborn baby girl to put headbands on and honestly how many necklaces do I really need? But, here are my TWO favorite pieces. 
This one has birthday party written all over it. It's bright. It's fun. It's sorta perfect.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the green pops against the white and then with the bling bling!!

3.I am making the hubby questions one of my 2 signature AAF questions so here it goes: What would your hubby say is the one thing you do that drives him crazy? Now go ask him...what did he say?
Oh I think he is gonna say something real snarky like "what DOESN'T drive me crazy?!?!" LOLOLOL
And he said this: "There are so many of them....VAL! Don't put that on there...give me a list of all the things you think drive me crazy and I'll choose." I refused and then he finally after a few minutes told me that it really bothers him that I don't buy any junk food when I go grocery shopping.

4.Yay it's Fall!! And that means Halloween, so lets talk costumes: Do you dress up and take the kiddies out or attend any Halloween festivities? Store bought or handmade? Whats the best costume you or your kids have worn?
I don't generally dress up but I like to wear halloween colors...and some halloween socks like these! ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE holiday themed socks.)
This will be our first year of trick or treating. I host an annual halloween playdate party at my house that I'm in the throws of planning right now! As far as costumes I'm into both store bought and homemade. I love to make them if I can but sometimes it's just not practical. Here is what I made for the hubs and myself to wear last year (We were Peanut butter and Jelly!!) ----------------------->

 This year I made what will be the CUTEST lil witch costume ever seen on a toddler. I can't wait to reveal it come Halloween!! Since my son is 3 months we just took the easy route and bought a ninja turtles sleeper costume from Target. I want him to be comfy this year :-)

5.Try to envision your children in 20 years...What are they like? What do they do? When they talk about their parents, what do they say
This is tough. Lets see...Nugget girl will be almost 23 and out of college. She will be chasing her creative dreams in the professional world. My best guess right now is that there is an artist in her- just like her Mama. She LOVES to decorate. I'm serious. She talks about decorations and moves things around constantly. So I say that she will be a party planner or in the interior design realm. She will have a serious boyfriend but will be hesitant to settle down. She is a mover and shaker, that girl.
My lil dude will be chasing tail in college. He will be solely focused on the ladies at this point in his life. I will still be depositing money in his bank account to help him through college and preaching to not go partying on my dime. ;-) He is probably in college at IU and studying to be a history teacher. --WHAT??? I dont know where that came from. Wild guess!! HAHAHAH He is a super fun dude and loves to be in all the action at school. He will be begging us to pay for a spring break trip to Mexico. 
I think both kids will say we are really fun, active, and involved parents.  I'm sure they will both say I'm a little too bossy and nosey...That I need to let them grow up on their own...(Nugget will be begging me to move out of her apartment LOL. I always tell my husband that when she moves out of the house I'm gonna move with her) 

6.My second signature questions: Dump, Hump, or Marry. If you've never played the game, I'm going to give you a list of 3 celebs. You have to choose one to dump, one to hump ;-) and one to marry. Here it goes: Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine
Oh la la!!!!!!!!!!! I'd dump Johnny Depp. I'd hump Adam Levine. and I'd marry Ryan Gosling.

7.Let's have a drink: Beer or cocktail? (what kind?) Coffee or tea? Water or Soda?
Beer or wine only please. I HATE liquor so no cocktails. I take that back. I'll drink the occasional margarita. But if this tells you anything the only liqour in my house is my husband's scotch. (YUCK!) Miller Lite is my favorite beer and Malbec (or any red) wine is my ultimate weakness. One cup of 1/2 caf 1/2 decaf coffee every morning starts my day and the occasional sweet tea from McAlister's Deli is my fav. I drink tons of water (especially now that I'm nursing my 3 month old). I'm a total coke girl ( I HATE HATE HATE pepsi. I take my preference for Coke very seriously)...but I usually can't finish a whole can.

8. Tell the story of your most embarrassing moment.
 I don't get embarrassed that easy but I guess I have to say I definitely hung my head in shame when I waxed out the entire arch of my eyebrow leaving a little bit of hair on either side. See, I used to be a hair designer and worked in a big fancy salon. So, I guess I let that little piece of paper I call my cosmetology license get to my head and I thought I was qualified to wax my own eyebrows. It was sorta tragic, given where I worked. I had to pencil the arch of my eyebrow in for MONTHS until it was all grown back. 

9.What's your style? Follow the link and take the quiz and let me know!
My style is Classic Elegance. Hmmm... That is not how I would describe it but I think I got that result because I'm drawn to warm neutrals and classic lines and shapes of furniture. "Elegance" is the word thats throwing me off because that sounds fancy and I wouldn't classify my house as "fancy." I dont know what I would actually label my style if it was up to me but what I can tell you is I love comfy, cozy, vintage, and sort of rustic/cottage like pieces. My home is really good mix of everything. There are no "formal" areas in my house. I want my whole house to be live-able and welcoming. I want people to walk in a instantly feel like they can touch anything and sit anywhere they want and feel a happy vibe....
Now I'm feeling like maybe I need to do a whole blog post about my house and my style. :-)
10. On your blog, you post pics of how you recreate some great fashion looks that you find on Pinterest. Create a look for me on Polyvore and post it. I will try to emulate your stellar style and post a pic!
Boom. Here ya go! I'd call this Sophisticated Military!
This is 100% inspired by the fact that I just bought camo flats at Target yesterday....and now you made me do this so, naturally, I now must purchase a red tunic and a sparkly gold watch or my life wont go on ;-)
Sophisticated Military

Sophisticated Military by valrose featuring mac cosmetics

Wow that was SO FUN! I feel like I wrote SO MUCH but thats just me..I can't shut up! Thanks Meg for asking me to participate!! If you all want to read what 10 questions I asked her and her answers hop over to her blog!!

Oh and don't forget My Fall Favorites Giveaway with The Browsing Brunette ends on Monday!
If you haven't entered yet you can do so HERE!


  1. love it! is it sad that I want to wear that green headband?! glad to be a new follower of yours!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!! And to be completely honest I would prob. wear it too! LOL!!

  2. Love love love your answers! I'm a Miller Lite girl myself! I definitely LOLed at your hubby response. It's cute that his answer was honest but lighthearted. Tell him thanks from me :) We are definitely new bloggy BFFs k? PS- love the outfit. I will work on it and post it for you ASAP. Oh, and I linked you up! I noticed you didn't add yourself so I hope you don't mind that I did it for you. Just didn't want anyone who is hopping along to miss out on all your fabulousness.

    1. Thanks for add my link! I was just about to last night and then my son started fussing so I had to rock him and then I never came back down stairs! ahahha THANK YOU AGAIN for asking me! I loved this!

  3. Thank you for joining us and you and Meg as so alike it's awesome! You both did a wonderful job with questions and really getting to know one another! I also entered your giveaway *hint hint* JK

    1. I loved participating!!! So much fun! Good luck in the giveaway!! Thanks for hopping over and checking out my blog! I can't wait for my kids nap times so I can check out everyone else's blogs today! :-)

  4. Great answers! I love your headbands.
    We all have fun nicknames for our kids don't we. It's cute that you are all chicken themed! And I am in absolute agreement with your dump, hump and marry list!!

    Great getting to know you!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. I laughed at your most embarrasing moment but it will make you feel any better, that is my all time problem. I have very thin brows and from afar I would look like I have none! I always have to use a pencil every day! LOL I just checked your etsy shop and man you are great at your craft! Nice meeting your here in AAF! :)

  6. You are adorable and all your stuff is adorable and your blog is adorable! Loved reading about you.

  7. Love the chicken name stories!! That was too funny! So great to meet you from Ask Away Friday! This is such a fun way to get to know other bloggers!

  8. Oh my gosh, I have to say the Chicken stories are cute also, they did go from what you thought, 'not much;, to a fun Q&A! Love how 'hands-on' you are with your children, being involved and fun is the best thing for all of you. Now I'm going to check out your Esty store!
    Nice getting to know you!