Fall- Mother Hen

Travelocity has nothing over on us with their little gnome... Spicy was gifted with a pair of authentic eye catching, borderline tacky, pair of turkeys last week in celebration of FALL.
Yeah Fall, I feel no matter what the calendar says about seasons October 1 gives me the green light to break out burnt orange, greens, brown, gold, in leaves, flowers, cloths, even drinks & foods. (Pumpkin Blizzard, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie).

**Side Note: It is completely from every angle wrong to plunge on into marketing Christmas before we enjoy fall harvest apples, pumpkins, apple cider, campfires, and Thanksgiving - being grateful for so many things we have received in our lives. Christmas can have its day in December but definitely should not be a three month warm up time. My gosh, you can brew a great beer faster than that!

Fall also means I can have my windows open all the way until bedtime, even all night if I don’t mind have a head full of pressure in the morning. No thanks, I will close at bedtime. Fall also means I have time after dinner to actually sit down outside and drink a cup of coffee and not be working with flowers, garden etc. It means class reunions and family reunions. I hear people often say how depressing fall is for them due to shorter days. I can’t argue with the length of daylight hours- but the hours we have couldn’t be better. I find the shorter days peaceful and relaxing watching mother nature protect her plants by drawing the sap of tree & plants to the root system for the winter. Even with the approach of winter and it’s sometimes harshness, it allows us to feel the peace and communication with God as all the plants, trees, fence posts are covered with ice. Sometimes it seems there should be a non-government law, but a people law to let Mother Nature decide when we should be out and about or staying home just like she protects the plants and the natural habitat animals who burro in for winter. We simply need to watch Mother Nature she is showing us the way to repair from all the summer activities by slowing down our body clocks.
When the earth makes a few more turns it will very soon be early spring and new life pops up with surprise and excitement. In the meantime sit back and have a cup of something warm, maybe rake up a pile of leaves, watch the squirrels busy hiding nuts for winter, pull on your favorite sweater and socks. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Mother Hen  

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mother Hen!!! Fall really is the greatest isn't it?? LOVE it!!!