Ask Away Friday - with Baby Button Brown Blog!

I had so much fun participating a few weeks ago in Ask Away Friday that I thought I might play along again. I began following Baby Button Brown blog a couple months ago and felt like Shadia was someone I wanted to get to know more. So here we are exchanging questions. I'm sorry in advance for how much I will be going on and on and on about a few of these questions. :-)

1. I love that you're so crafty. Show us a piece you are most proud of and tell us what inspired you.
I'm going to try my hardest to keep this story short but anyone who knows me in person has probably heard me tell this story. As dramatic as this will all seem I promise I'm not exaggerating. This is just how dramatic I am in real life.....
So the hubs and I were are Barnes & Noble...before kids we used to love to there, grab a coffee, and browse...so I grabbed up my skinny vanilla latte and bee lined it to the interior design section. I grabbed a few books and settled into a comfy chair when this african/tribal-esque song came on. I was just in one of those moods where it just got my blood flowing a little as I was flipping pages through a design book. This song just captivated my soul in that moment. All the sudden my mind just totally shifted in the total brainstorming mode. Within seconds of this song coming on I knew I wanted to hang 3 railroad ties on my bedroom wall. WHAT? I know crazy right? So I went and got Tom and demanded that we leave that very second because I needed to go to the car to draw a picture of what I NEEDED him to build. He was totally blindsided  unfazed by how impatient and random I was being and just totally rolled with it. So I drew the picture and explained how I need to find THREE railroad ties to hang above our bed....and then he was all like "are you F***ing serious!?!?! Railroad ties are enormous. We will get killed when they fall off the wall while we are sleeping. How about 4x4's???" After a moment I agreed that 4x4's were indeed a much safer and proportional option to our bedroom walls. 
ok...Im gonna speed this up. 
We went to Home Depot. Got our supplies. I thought this project would take maybe like 2 hours. It took two days and 3 trips to Home Depot. I sat down and cried on the 3rd trip in the middle of the isle like a 2 year old. Tom told me to get away from him because I was embarrassing him. We worked through the insult though. I've since forgiven him ;-) There was a lot of cutting, drilling, staining, distressing, measuring, bolting to the wall involved but this beast turned out beautifully. She even came along to our new house when we moved 1.5 years ago..Tom says he is NEVER moving it again though for its sorta -  kinda still really heavy and quite large. Can you imagine if it really had been made of railroad ties?? HAHAH

2. Did you leave being a hair designer to be a mama? If so, what do you miss and will you ever go back to it?
I went back to work part time until my daughter turned one. I knew and hoped that someday I would be able to stay at home full time but we wanted to move into a new house within the next year  and my income was necessary for us to save enough for our down payment/fees of selling current house all in that time frame. I LOVED doing hair and I still do. I still do some hair on the side. I don't think I will ever completely stop but I'm not sure if I will work in a salon again. See, even though I worked part time I work two nights a week until 8 which meant I didn't get home until 9 and my daughter was already in bed :-( and then I also worked every saturday. It's hard to have much family time when I was working those hours. I really have no idea though. I guess I just have to see where life takes me...but it would be hard to go back to working nights and weekends especially as the kids get older and are in sports etc. I'm sure I WILL work again at some point but I just feel like there is so much in this world I'm interest in and would like to explore as far as working and jobs go! Only time will tell...

3. You have buttons all over your profile (love them by the way, since we call our baby Button!) is there a meaning behind this?
Totally no meaning other than my blog design is reflection of my personality and style. I worked with an amazing blog designer Slightly Askew Designs to get this look. I basically told her what all I like (colors...the buttons...etc) and she made all my emails come to fruition! 

4. What is your favorite movie & TV show?
Favorite movies of all time: Clueless & Dirty Dancing. Favorite TV show of all time: Friends. Hands down. What I currently am loving is: New Girl, Modern Family, Deception, good ole Ducky Dynasty, The Mindy Project, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Orange County, Kardashians...
I'm almost never caught up on my shows though. I really only watch TV from 9-10:30 every night after the kids are in bed.

5. You have a beautiful girl and a handsome baby boy. Are you and your hubby planning on having more?
Gosh I really don't know. The idea of having one more is for sure not off the table at this point but it is not in our plans either. I always thought I would have 3 kiddos. But lately I'm feeling so blessed and happy with my family and this season of my life. I feel so lucky to have a little boy and girl in my life. I honestly don't have that "want" for another child that I felt after having just my daughter. I feel very content. And, while I feel very adjusted and used to have 2 kids I still find that everyday there is a new challenge to juggling 2 kids. I def. think IF we have a third it will be a ways down the road.

6. What has been your biggest learning experience as a mama? I need some pointers ;-)
I have 2 main points in regards to this topic:
I really think in general I've never been an "uptight" mother but there were totally a couple things that I was so "by the book" about and I realize now that my daughter is older and now having a second baby that some of this stuff just isn't a big deal. So I would say just
1. RELAX to all mama's out there. I sometimes still have to tell myself to chill out and that this isn't a big deal (for instance my son REFUSES to take a bottle. sometimes I get really upset over it but what I try to do to correct those anxieties is just thank God for the fact that he is breastfeeding beautifully and that I'm able to produce the milk he needs. end of story...we will work through this. No need to be all bent out of shape.) Other then just learning not to sweat the small stuff and not worrying about every ding dang "rule" thats printed in all these books (none of which seem to apply to my children always..LOL) I def. always tell a new mom to 
2.ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCT. Your instinct is 99.999999% of the time spot on. Seriously, go with it. There have been a handful of times that I did/tried things that in my heart I just "knew"my daughter wasn't ready for and every single thing was a "failure"....I waited untill I had that feeling of "oh this is the time" and then it always was "time." 

7. You've been told you can move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I'm gonna sorta answer this question...My very first thought that came to mind is that I LOVE where I live. I'm relatively close to my family and I love the city I live in. I'm very happy here. But what I would LOVE LOVE LOVE is a condo in NYC so that we could just go anytime we want and stay there for weekends etc. Tom and I just adore NYC. A condo/apartment there would be perfection
Lame answer I know...but I guess I just really don't dream of other countries and exotic places much!

8. What has been your most favorite moment as a married couple for your and your hubby?
I dont know if I have just one moment. I mean obviously the birth of our children have been incredibly special moments for him and I...to see our hearts beat outside of our bodies. Thats something so special... But we just had a conversation on our 5th wedding anniversary earlier this month about this exact topic and my answer to him then was "today." I love today. Every single day is a blessing. Not every day is "wonderful" but I still feel so thankful for our lives and how far we have come.

9. Which is your favorite holiday? Do you go all out on decorations?
I really am not sure if I have a favorite holiday. I'm medium excited about them all. I like to decorate some but nothing really over the top. I'm sorta particular about things looking orderly and things being in the right spot in my home so sometimes holiday decor sorta makes me feel claustrophobic/antsy! I would say now that I have kids though Christmas is what I get the most excited for.

10. If you could spend on any clothing item and could buy tons of it (wouldn't it be awesome??) what would it be? Okay, besides yoga pants as I see you love them ;-)
Dang it...I really could buy yoga pants until the ends of time but my answer would probably be jeans. I have always loved buying bottoms the most. I have to make a conscious effort to buy new tops. I'm forever convinced that I need jeans in every wash/color in varying cuts etc. I really always find myself drawn to bottoms when I go shopping. I dont know why either because the second I'm home you better believe I'm gonna have some yoga pants on! hahaha I'm currently totally crushin on my new skinny-boyfriend jeans though!! So comfy and cute. The hubs even told me that he thinks these new skinny boyfriend jeans are more flattering then skinny jeans. I love when he actually notices/cares about things!
Next in line would be purses ;-)

Thanks so much for asking such fun questions!!! If you all want to see what I asked Shadia go to her blog Baby Button Brown!!!

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  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you're doing this again! (Don't forget to link up on my page or any of the other cohosts!) Dirty Dancing is my all time fave movie and I LOVE what you made with the 4x4s. I have been fighting with a woodworking project all week...long story, but I totally relate to your Home Depot melt down. I wish we lived closer, I think we could totally join forces and open a kick ass home store selling all our craftsies.

    1. Thanks for getting me involved in this link up! So much fun! Omg..we would be unstoppable if we lived near each other!! LOL!!! :-)
      p.s. I had to wait to link up this am because I was seriously so sleepy I couldn't even stand it... I just HAD to go to bed last night before you had your post up! hahahah...I'm lame ;-)

  2. Hahah, I love the story of your "4x4-not railroad ties"! So funny. I cracked up at you sitting on the floor of HD, how funny is that! I love Christmas decorating because you can have it out for a month! The other holidays are short and getting decorations out for a day or a week isn't as fun. I do like decorating the front door on Halloween, but we don't get trick-or-treaters. Welcome once again, to #AAF!

    1. I promise the 4x4's piece truly went down just as I described!! LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your pointers: relax and trust your instinct! I completely agree with this.

    I absolutely love your blog. It's super cute!

    Thanks for joining us in Ask Away Friday! I hope you join us again next week.

    1. Thank you for the nice compliments!! I love participating!!

  4. I loved getting to read all these things about you!! So fun! Also, Stella never was one for the bottle either, and she breastfed til 21 months! Thankful I was able to provide all she needed!

  5. OMG I LOVE that piece you made!!!! It looks amazing. Great job!! I absolutely love Clueless too. I've seen it like 256489955 times and I'm still not bored lol. I agree with both of your tips. After a while of always being so damn stressed out about every single thing with my son I finally calmed down and now I'm much more relaxed about being a mama! Get the condo in NYC and I'll for sure be visiting ;)

  6. Thanks so much for joining us again for #AskAwayFriday! I love your Blog Designa nd the buttons are very cute! I definitely share the love of jeans (and sweats...I'm still not exactly sure in the difference between yoga and sweat...is it the shape?) they are so comfy and can still be flattering.

    Awesome answers and great fun reading...until next time :)