Leggings: Repaired & Ruffled

Let me tell ya'll a little story...
I have a daughter who runs around a lot. She has more energy and spunk than any person ever should. She isn't scared of anything and is a total daredevil. She runs into things, falls down- A LOT, and usually isn't afraid of getting dirty. She tends to ruin clothes left and right. Stains...holes...you name it. For said child I refuse to buy pieces that cost more than 6 dollars (generally) an item for everyday wear due to her constant "destroy mode". Sometimes when she, for instance, falls down and gets a hole in the knee of her brand new- only worn one other time- leggings, I simply just take the opportunity to not only "fix" the leggings but make them even better...

Ok so no new idea here but I hope that it just reminds everyone that we can all salvage those items with holes, stains, etc  that are perfect otherwise!! Out of laziness I usually scrap those items to the very bottom of the clothing totem pole and consider them the "play clothes that can only be worn around us and NO ONE else." Any-whoooo in case you haven't noticed elbow and knee patches are like mega in style and so darn cute... so I couldn't resist spicing up these little leggings. If you know me, then you already know: Val = Animal Prints. Yes... I knew INSTANTLY when she scuffed the knee that I would be adding a little leopard flair to these leggings.!

So all I did was measure and cut out the rectangles from my favorite leopard cotton fabric. You can obviously do any shape, size, and fabric but I totally just went with my gut on size etc. I think each patch measures aprox. 2x3. I enjoy a "raw" edge so I just took my finger nail to snag a thread and pulled it out to fray each edge out a tiny bit. I chose to use no-sew hem tape to attach these lovely leopard patches. All you do is lay that in between the patches and the leggings (or whatever item you are adhering to ) and iron according to the directions on your no sew tape. Here are my two favorite no sew products: Dritz Stitch Witchery & Heat'n Bond.

Once I had the patches ironed and attached I simply hand stitched (with bright pink thread!!!) around the edges of each patch for additional style AND security of the patch. Honestly, that was the hardest part...sticking my hand down in those tiny little legs to maneuver a needle without poking myself! ;-)

Once I had that done I started wondering....what if I add some pleated ruffles???  I had NEVER done ruffles, pleats, or anything of this sort before so from here on out my advice is complete bologna. I might suggest that if you are interested in tackling adding ruffles to leggings that perhaps you google or Pinterest how one should ACTUALLY do this. But being the rule breaker that I am, I sort of just went for it without any research or additional thought! Here is what I did. (sorry no photos because like I said I honestly just did it on whim!)--------->

I cut two more strips of the leopard material. I measured the circumference of each ankle and then made the strips an inch or so longer than that measurement. I wanted more of a pleated ruffle rather than a gathered ruffle so I just pinned a pleat every inch or so and quickly put a couple stitches in each pleat to hold that ruffle shape! Then I realized I had two issues.
1. I can't fit the legging hole on my sewing machine.
2. The ankle opening needs to be able to stretch to allow her feet to fit through and once a ruffle is sew in place it wouldn't allow stretch.
My quick and totally "jank" solution was to cut slits on each side of the ankle opening just shy of the top hem to keep from tearing. This would keep the opening large enough for her to still put these leggings on! This actually also allowed me to just work with one side of each ankle hole at a time to start sewing on the ruffle. Again I wanted a raw exposed edge so I chose to attach right on top of the ankle hem leaving the unfinished edge visible.

**If I could do this part over again I would have used pink thread and a decorative stitch to attach the ruffles.

The photos don't do these cute little ruffles justice at all as Nugget girl is a total moving target and her one pant leg was way twisted and of course she refused to let me touch her, much less actually straighten the leg. :-)
Again, my apologies for such terrible directions on this part but these ruffles were not in the original plan and sort of just happened! ;-) PLEASE...I strongly urge you to look up real directions for adding ruffles if you so desire to tackle such project. I'm absolutely sure my way was neither the easiest or technically correct! ;-)...but it worked! And that, my friends, is just how I roll.

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  1. What an awesome idea! I hate how quickly those $5 Target leggings get ruined!

    1. Thanks!! I know! I feel like she wears them like 2 seconds and then something is wrong! ahhahahaha crazy kids! ;-)

  2. Stop it, these are too freakin cute, Val. What a lucky little lady to have a Mommy who will repair those tiny little holes and make them so fab. She is too cute.

    1. Thank you!!! I just love doing stuff like this! ;-)