I was blessed with yet another fun and productive week. 
 I rocked some denim on denim for the first time to a women helping women charity event at my friend Amber's church! It was a fantastic cause and a wonderful to way to give back, plus some a great time out with Amber.
 One of the couple of ways I supported the cause was by purchasing a couple of these bookmarks crafted by an african woman.
So these fabrics were purchased. They are random & beautiful....
 and then my long ago requested and much anticipated birthday/christmas present came early which took me by total surprise.... (THANKS BABE!!) So now these fabrics might become even more awesome then I had initially planned! #ihavesomanyideasbrewin #thisisgoingtotakemycraftingtoawholenewlevel
Isn't she beautiful?!?! I'm seriously geeking out over having my own sewing machine! (In case I've never told this before- I was awarded the Textiles and Fashion academic award my senior year of high school because I kicked major a** at sewing, thank you very much. I did NOT win any other academic awards due to not applying myself in any other class.)
 cousins playing at my sissy's house. Nugget loves her horses/chickens/mini donkeys. I dropped Nugget off with Mother Hen to go spend some time with Nana and Poppy for a few days before Tom, myself, and the dude drove down on Friday. The amount of stuff I got done with only one kid around was insane! I forgot how quiet and calm having just a baby in the house is. It was a resting break but I'm so happy to have my house full and loud again! ;-)

It was a busy Chicken Scratch'd Desings/Etsy week with 3 custom orders...good thing Nugget was at Nana & Poppy's for a few days so I could make those items!

 It was a fabulous weekend back home. Harvest time = dusty country air... time at "the compound"...antiquing (a whole separate post on that tomorrow)...time with our friends...delish Mother Hen home cookin.
 The Dude had his first kiss with his future wife and Nugget showed her bff what the ipad is all about! lol!

I'll be back tomorrow talking antiquing and all things vintage!!!

Wishing you all a happy week!


  1. I was just reading Elise's blog and she was sewing too. I must me the only person who has a machine and can't sew lol as always love pictures of those cuties of yours

    1. Ok, let's arrange this sewing party and get Amber movin and groovin on her sewing machine!!! Val and her kick a** award can probably teach us all a few things!!! ;)

    2. BAHAHAHAHHA...ok so MAYBE I exaggerated a bit!! But I was pretty awesome back then..Im so rusty now but I'm kinda loving this whole little "sew" crafty circle that is developing!! ;-) Im cheese ball and I can't even help it.

  2. P.S. Love your denim on denim look!! Super cute on you!!

    1. Thank you! It felt a little "out there" for me but I'm really diggin it I think!