Are you all ready for this?? This is going to be an epic photo dump. I tried as hard as I could to narrow down the photos from this last week but this is the best I could do.

 Hi there...
 Custom orders keep rolling in...it must be the moon?!?! Either way, I like it!
* If you can read it..you can use it!! wink-wink ;-)
 Infinity scarf I made for my mama!!....and some coming to my shop SOON!!! 
 Just a little fall decor that I'm loving 
 I dont know what has changed in the last week or so but suddenly Nugget has taken a much larger interest in her brother. It's the sweetest thing. 
This, my friends, is the advantage of having me do your hair. wine+dinner+hair color/cut + chit-chat
She is almost 3 years old. This probably only the 3rd time she has EVER fallen asleep in public in her life...for real. Shopping at the outlets must have really got to her!
Mother Hen and The Rooster King were up for half the week/weekend. Mother Hen ran to JoAnn's with me and helped me pick some new fabrics and gather sewing supplies that I needed. 
 This is a sneak peak from a post coming soon from Mother Hen. Let's just say it was another one of those moments where Mother Hen was teaching me how to be as awesome as she is :-)
Nugget girl was doing my and her Daddy's hair all Saturday morning. She has a fascination with hair...I wonder where she gets that from ;-)  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Sunday Funday. Turkey and I hosted my entire family in for a little daytime colts vs. broncos at-home-tailgate party.
My Boys. Thats The Rooster King who is Rooster Dude's Godfather and Poppy...So naturally we call him "the god-poppy"....and then of course my hottie hubby and cutie boy rocking their eye-black.
This is just Nugget being the crazy excited gorgeous girl that she is after some super fun pumpkin painting with her cousins.
 Little Dude felt like he needed some help painting his pumpkin. 
 The Chickens. and yes....pink "eye-black" was a necessary accessory for the day.
The. Dudes.

Whew. I'm tired. It was such a FUN week that was full of family time. My house is a mess and I'm exhausted but I don't care. My heart is happy.

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