This week was cold, cozy, and much more low key than the last few weeks. It was a great change of pace. We just kept it casual with a few quick playdates and just staying home for the most part.
She is ATE UP with the idea of being a witch. Halloween is truly going to the best the day of her life when I finally let her see and put on her witch costume!
Dixie is her best friend. Nugget is NOT Dixie's best friend though...Dixie tries to avoid the tornado of a 2 year old at all times if possible...unless, of course, Nugget has treats for her.
 UGH! Why is my baby so big already??? I'm so happy to see him growing and hitting milestones but GEEZ...does time go fast or what?? Of course he is only 4 months old and can't actually sit up but he wants to SO BAD (he loves to practice sitting in his boppy like in the photo above)
 He is getting so interested in his toys. It really is fun to see him starting to play.
This photo is perhaps my favorite of week of him. Tummy time has not been a favorite activity for him or me for that matter. Something just "clicked" this week though and suddenly not only is he fairly happy on his belly but he is really excelling and getting more upright as you can see. He used to just lay there and not even try!! I suspicion that rolling over will be happening in the next few weeks. (well...he rolled once but it was more of an accident I think. lolol)

 I like to call this "having a big sister problems"....Ya know...the issue where big sissy wants somebody else to play dress up with...
 She is a diva, what can I say?
You would think they don't see their father AT.ALL. Like ever. None. by the way they act each day when he comes in. I mean seriously kids...he is a pretty awesome guy but lets be careful that we dont give him a big ego. lol I'm just kidding. I love how much their eyes light up and how much their energy levels just soar the second he walks in. They just clobber the poor guy. He can't even set the mail down before he is bombarded with our mini's.
 Thanks again Tom for the excessively loud instrument playing that I get to listen to daily due to your "surprise-not discussed-not Mama approved" purchase of instruments. Sincerely...Thanks.
Oh and did I mention she is obsessed with being a witch??? ;-)
 wine + blog might have happened a couple evenings while Tom caught up on work after kiddos bedtime.
 So scarey. Seriously. Im shaking in my boots.
Spent a lil dual naptime silence prepping for my annual Spooktacular Playdate for later this week.
 We gave lil Dude some cereal for the first time over the weekend. I think he enjoyed it :-)
They were "helping" Dad with the leaves. And by helping I mean Nugget kept running through them kicking them everywhere and then throwing them in the air. It was probably the highlight of her weekend.
How could we resist getting her these pj's that matched mine when we stumbled on them??? I LOVE making her be my little twin. I know I have limited time of forcing her to match me left so I'm just soaking. it. in.

Here's to another Monday...another week....another Halloween.

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  1. your little guy is getting so big! and he is adorable! addilyn is starting to hold her head up higher when she's on her tummy which makes me happy that she is finally getting it! i can't believe how fast they change!

    1. Gosh they do grow so fast dont they?? Thanks for stopping by! :-)