Today my lil space here turns TWO!!! Time has really flown. I began this blog as a creative outlet 2 years ago just days after I had made my final decision to quit working in the new year and stay home with my baby girl. So much has happened since then...I've become a stay at home mama...opened my own Etsy shop...had another sweet baby...my interests have changed/shifted/intensified...and it's been wonderful. It's been an absolute joy to document it all here.
Chicken Scratch has been even more then I originally hoped it would. It is 100% the creative outlet that I hoped it would be but also serves as a virtual scrapbook of my life. It's my "happy place" I'm so thankful I have such intense feelings about yoga pants because if you remember from my last blogiversary I explained that the topic of yoga pants is how this space really came to be. Bazaar, I know.
So what I wanted to do today was compile a highlight reel, if you will.  For those of you who are new and for those of you who just want to go back and laugh at my insanity or be reminded of that certain recipe...I'm going to list my top posts in every genre that I blog about (which is basically everything under the sun)
So here we go...here is the best of this last year:

If you need a laugh today then I suggest :

The vlog/tutorial of "How to fold a fitted sheet. "
My "Ode To Yoga Pants" with revised yoga positions.
How You are Never Too Old to Cut Barbies Hair

If you are hungry today then I suggest:

This "Adam's Salsa"  recipe
This "Bacon Packet" recipe

If you are feeling artsy today then I suggest:

This "Leggings Repaired & Ruffled" tutorial/post
This "Dress Up Area" post

If you still need to get dressed today then I suggest:

This "What I Wore." post
This "Pinspired." post
This "Beautified. - Backcombing" post

If you are just generally feeling nosey then I suggest: 

That you come back TOMORROW!!!! Just like every other Monday I'll be beginning the week with my Life wrap up post from this last week. And for what to look forward to?? Well...This next year is going to be really exciting so I hope you all stay tuned in!

-I have some really exciting things going on with my Etsy Shop: Chicken Scratch'd Designs. One that I'll announce tomorrow and I have a few secrets/works in progress (for now) that I can't wait to share with you all really soon!

-A "Snapshot House Tour" showcasing all my favorite collections and arrangements throughout my home!

-A "Judging the Bottle by the Label" Wine review series where I buy wines base solely on their bottle label and see how the taste compares to their marketing! :-) (My heart belongs to "Cupcake" wines but I'm always on the look out for new fun wines!)

-More "Beautified" posts beginning with some Holiday hair coming soon!

-And lots of rambling, life photos, yoga pants wearing, Mother Hen contributions, DIY's, pinspired outfits, and so much more!


And finally I want to say some THANK YOU'S!!!!
 To Mother Hen for her regular contributions as well as the tidbits here and there from my two "chicken" sisters! 
And thank you to all you who read and leave feedback that keeps me inspired! Like I said, I do this all for myself first and foremost but its a huge compliment when others find my space entertaining and worth their time to check out! Thank You!!! 


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary!! I can't wait to see what comes next and I am so looking forward to your new wine series!! I'm sure I'll send some suggestions your way :)

    1. Thank you!! and..please do send your suggestions!! I know you love wine too!!

  2. I see big things happening in year 3!!

  3. Yay! Congrats on 2 years! I'm curious about your wine experiment! Such a fun idea to compare the taste to the marketing!! I kinda think you should make this a girls night event!! ;)

    1. Your wish is my command! Who wants to drink wine alone anyhow? Lets get Amber on board and lets form a little wine group! :-)