Life + Handmade Vintage Market

 My sweet baby boy...

The Dude is currently loving his feet, that green ball, and eating baby food

My sweet little girl…

 Nugget couldn't wait another second to get into the Christmas spirit after seeing the Christmas section at Target. 
She is currently loving going outside no matter how crazy cold it is, all things Christmas, playing doctor with her baby dolls

Our week was so full and fun between having Nana +Poppy up to visit/help me out with the Handmade Vintage Market and then our great friends Adam & Natalie and their cutie little girl visiting through the rest of the weekend. I think Nugget girl was pretending she had a little sister while they were here. Too cute.
The Handmade Vintage Market.
This was my first booth for Chicken Scratch'd Designs. It was so fun and exciting for a variety of reasons. First and foremost I wanted to do it because it just sounded fun. But secondly it just felt like it was the next step for my little brand. Overall it was an amazing experience… I made money (score!)…and met some really great people who share similar interests and hobbies that I do.

 My amazing mother hen was an amazing help through the whole process- from brainstorming in the beginning to just helping me rock it out the first night of the market when it was crazy busy!

If you know me at all then you already know I did some shopping of my own at the market. These items I snatched up were from Belle Wesley Vintage (you know my obsession with vintage if you have been reading for a while), Eva Marie Typography, & Amanda Lynne Designs. SUCH CUTE STUFF…I honestly could have bought from every single vendor if I had no self control.

It was a really fun & busy week. One of those that I'm happy but also sad that its over. Thank you to all my friends and family who have been so supportive and encouraging to me. It feels so amazing to feel such love from you all.
On to Thanksgiving and traveling home…

Oh and stay tuned in…I will be announcing my HOLIDAY PROMO later this week that begins THIS FRIDAY!!!


  1. How fun!! I'm glad you had a good day selling!!!

  2. Val, your table looks great! It looks like you had every detail down from the nametags to the packaging.

    1. Thank you!!! It was such a fun way to branch out for me!! ….I will be announcing something really soon about the judging the wine by the label I had mentioned before that you commented on…I KNOW this will be right up your ally! Be on the look out in the next week or two!!! :-)