Rooster Dude has rolled a few times now. Not doing it consistently yet but he has ideas...
 More oatmeal is being swallowed than spit out. I think he enjoys it :-)
 WHAT IS WRONG HERE??? WHY is my almost 3 year old the one using the boppy? Also, WHY is popcorn all over the floor?
 The three amigos group hug. All us mama's worked together. We were pregnant together. Had these little mini people within a 3 month window. Now we all are stay at home mama's together. 
 Can you believe my lil mini-me had NEVER had her hair curled until this day?? It's one of those things...the hairstylist in me has been DYING to curl it but the mama in me kept saying she was a baby. News flash...she isn't a baby anymore :-/ She's a little girl now and has gorgeous curled hair. 
 This was halloween day. The day after our huge party. We were exhausted. I think it shows in this photo, yes? Storms were rollin in.. and the Indy Metro area's trick or treating was rescheduled to Friday so we just cuddled right in at home!
 I found out that my Chicken Scratch'd Designs application to have a booth at this event was accepted! I'm BEYOND excited!! Mother Hen and I have been doing LOADS of planning! 
 The Handmade Vintage Market kind of gave me the kick in the rear that I needed to FINALLY launch my shop/blog facebook page. I'm way late to the game but I finally did it! So I invite you to go "like" my page!!!
 I'm knee deep in fabric and creating right now. I don't want to wipe out my shop to take to the market so I'm trying to create nearly a whole new stock! Plus new items. Luckily, I have the most tolerant and supportive husband ever who encourages me to do this rather than complaining about having to pick up slack around here. Thanks babe, for seeing that my hobbies are so important to me and for being my cheerleader!
 Necklace making. I think I did 25 chains in that particular sitting.
 Before Nugget girl's very first time trick or treating. Omg. Could I be any mushier of a parent...but seriously I have tears. She did amazing. She was super outgoing. She proudly said "trick or treat" and without prompting always said "thank you"....gah!!!!!! 
And my lil dude...well we only went to two houses and then went home to answer the door. He sat happily in his bumbo and watched me hand out candy.

 Small successes. We had TWO bottle victories this weekend! We have been mixing his oatmeal with formula hoping that he will aquire the taste! I cross my fingers that it is working!! I still plan to breastfeed as long as it makes sense for us and as long as I'm producing, but I want to know that this kid is capable of a bottle too. 
 AHHHHH....my baby boy is 4 months! WHAT???? How is he four months? I can't believe it! I LOVE seeing him grow. I love this stage he is in. I love what is to come. This is my very favorite of babyhood I think. He plays but still wants to cuddle. He is still super flexible with his schedule etc. He is still "easy."

Yesterday this blog turned 2! I can't believe I have been blogging for two years! It's such a joy and I can't wait to continue. If you haven't read my post from yesterday you should! It's a compilation of the best of the best from this last year! :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I plan for ours to be really low key and working on a lot of projects around here. 

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  1. Happy 2 years!! And that little boy, so so cute!! I'm glad your baby (not so baby anymore) ;) had fun trick or treating! She looks adorable in her costume!