Last week = exhuasting. exciting. productive.

My week began with my lil Dude's 4 month check up. He is doing really well and was given the green light to get him on baby food! Nearly a whole can of green beans cooked and blended were consumed by my lil guy last week! Doc also informed me that he had two teeth about to break through! I had no idea...but sure enough the very next day I saw the signs of teething. I mean WOAH dude! Your 4 months old!! What are you doing getting 2 teeth???
 I got back home from the appointment to find this one my doorstep! I was lucky enough to get a subscription for the very first month of the Happy Mommy Box. Its a similar concept to Ipsy and Birtch Box for those of you who havent heard of the Happy Mommy Box. It was filled with FAB goodies...30 gift card to canvas pop....a gorgeous necklace...finger puppets for the kiddos..some super adorbs prints that I framed in the playroom!! I was super impressed with my first box!! It def. made this Mama happy!! Every box comes with a Happy Mommy magazine and its filled with inspiration and motivation from playdates to just maintaining a healthy state of mind. Loved it.

 She has been so obsessed with her brother lately. Now that he is getting so much more interactive and laughs his a$$ off at her all the time she just loves spending time with him. She was "reading" him books here....a.k.a. just telling him the story that she remembers it as and pointing out the characters.
 This happened. 3 times a day. Every day. 
I wish I was exaggerating but I promise you that I am not. She brings all her babies & stuffed animals and sits them around the table....then gets out condiments from the fridge...spoons from the utensil drawer and "serves them lunch" If you look closely she used envelopes that I had given her to play with as place mats. The imagination on this child is off the charts. 
Reminds me of a little girl I once knew....
 So I saved the finger puppets from Monday's Happy Mommy Box. I held them back to keep as reward. See, I'm that crazy mom who decided to potty train the same week her 4 month old is cutting teeth. Yep. I did that. This was our 3rd try in the last 6 months. I gave them to her that day because thats when I "KNEW" that this time it was really happening!
 More sibling obsession.
 Nugget loves to dress me up. Do you think I look pretty?
I'm worried that maybe I need to focus more on fashion with her.
 What my husband wants...well...he sometimes gets. But this request wasn't all that painful to fulfill. I made three batches of homemade waffles to freeze...and we might have accidentally just ate waffles for dinner that night too.
 Christmas cards. Stuffed. Sealed. Taped. 
 Seriously. Look at these two. 
I'm sorry I'm so annoying but my heart melts.

Tom has been working hard on tri-cycle riding with Nugget girl. She is doing so well and FINALLY getting the hang of steering!! It was freaking only 36 degrees outside but she was fit to be tied that she needed to go ride her bike while dad raked leaves.
 24 new headbands made for the Handmade Vintage Market I will have a booth at. 
24 new necklaces made too (not pictured)
 And this is what happens when your mom needs a head to verify elastic size on. Poor guy. He makes a pretty girl though. HAHAHAHAHA
Postcards are getting addressed and ready to go out to friends and family for my upcoming event!

Well thats it folks. I'll be back on Wednesday talking a little fashion. Enjoy this lovely week.


  1. I am so impressed that you have your Christmas cards ready!!!

    1. Well they aren't addressed so don't be too impressed!! hahahahaha

  2. The Happy Mommy Box looks so fun! Those finger puppets are too cute. And so are your headbands!

    1. Thanks!! & omgoodness the finger puppets are hysterical!

  3. Love those postcards!!! It's crazy how fast our babies grow. I said the same thing when Elliot turned 4 months!!

    1. I thought my newborns would stay newborns a lot longer. hahahahah My (real life + blogging) friend Eva designed those postcards…she has a blog + typography shop: www.evamarietaylor.com!! She is amazing. You should check her out!

  4. LOL! That "lunch' that she serves looked so delish. Who doesn't want to nosh on a crap load of salad dressing. And how impressive that she uses placemats! ;)