It's Monday! It's a new beginning...a day to be thankful for. Storms & tornados tore through Indiana yesterday having us all sweating bullets when the sirens blared. After yesterday and being so close to Thanksgiving I find my prayers for today consisting of praise and thanks for our safety and what for all that we have. It is always chilling when you miss death and destruction by just a few measly miles. My heart goes out to those of you affected by yesterday. You are in my family's prayers.

This last week we amazingly awesome and busy. My photos don't even come close to doing the week justice...but my lack of documentation is actually proof of just how busy I was. 

 My week was full of finishing up my stock for the Handmade Vintage Market, small details like these stickers for my bags, working on my table display etc. I'm SO EXCITED for this coming weekends market!!!!
 I've been trying really hard to keep my "work" separate and only during my personal time (during naps and before kids get up) This was my lil stinker boy deciding that Nuggets nap time isn't when he wanted to nap that day. So we snuggled and played instead. #pleasestayababyforever
 It was like negative a billion degrees outside and she just HAD to go freaking play on her slide. So like any good mom I said sure...but I admit I actually sat in the warm house with the back door open some so I could see her. I was NOT going to stand out there will my lil dude and freeze while watching her. Nope. Not Happening.
 One of my many 6am sewing hours here lately. Working on a huge order/project...
I'm not going to lie. Getting up and sewing in peace and quiet and enjoying a cup of coffee is really nice "me time" 
 I mean, don't you and your hubby do Mad Libs just for fun in the evenings? hahaha
(at a fun place called the Wonderlab)
The weekend. Oh my. It was so incredible. I seriously can't believe this is the only picture I have to show for it. But a trip to visit my brother's family was super crazy fun. All the kids adore each other and played so hard. Nugget and her older cousin who claims to be her sister had their first little slumber party sleepover deal. It took lil Nugget a second to fall asleep but she just LOVED getting to sleep with her cousin favorite person in the world.
We are all exhausted, but, our hearts are happy.
This week is going to be a whirlwind between the Handmade Vintage Market, Nana visiting, and then our friends coming into town but I can't wait for it all.
Let's do this...

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  1. I can't wait to see what you're making!! I'm glad you guys are safe!! :)