What I Wore.

There isn't much to say. I heart denim on denim so it really was time that I blogged about it. It was UBER WINDY last Saturday when I wore this so you get action shots. We had our little monthly date night and decided to go casual and head to Barnes & Noble for a little christmas/st. nick book shopping for the kiddos. We used to LOVE spending time at B&N before we had kids...we would grab a coffee and just hang out. We might have even snagged a mad libs book for ourselves. LOL Yep, we really are that lame. 

Anyways, on to What I Wore:
denim top-JcPenny's
sweater/vest-Gap (like 2 years ago. sorry)
scarf-no clue...one of favorites just gave it to me for hosting a playdate!

If you aren't rocking denim on denim yet, you should be! If you hate this look then we can't be friends. ok, ok.... I'm kidding!

pleated poppy

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  1. You look great! I've been wanting to pair more denim together but have been scared--I think I'll try it. Layers are my favorite (at least when it's cold weather).