2013 Quickie Recap + 2014 Goal | Photography

2013 | Year of Family
I want to begin today with a short reflection on this last year. 2013 was the year of family. There were some really tough times this last year but some of the best of times too. None of which would have been the same without our amazing family. Largely it was a very joyful year for my entire family.  Many new beginnings & goals achieved. Three new baby boys were born…"The Boys of 2013" Nugget became a BIG SISTER!!!! My sister became a mother for the first time, my sister-n-law for the fourth time, and myself for the second. What blessings these little baby boys are being added to our incredibly close family. As for my own little family…well we conquered potty training...getting the lil dude to finally take bottles…I opened my Etsy shop…and did my first market…Tom stumbled into an amazing new job that fulfills a career path he had always wanted. He also officially got all signed up to finish his masters starting in January. 
Big stuff. It's just the tip of the iceberg. It was a great year. It was a full year. It was a family focused year. 

2014 Goal | Photography
I'm a goal setter. If you have read my blog for longer than 5 seconds you know that personally and professionally I live by goals. Daily. Monthly. Long term. I set attainable goals though. As you see on my blog I begin every month by listing my goals. Why do that on here? Because sometimes when you make your goals known it makes you liable for your actions and follow through. No, I don't always reach my goals. Life happens in the mean time and sometimes my goals have to take a back seat. I have a husband and two kids to care for. And sometimes I just wanna sit and watch a little tv too. It's ok. I don't take it THAT seriously but I do set goals with real intention. I don't like to lose. I don't like to fail. Sometimes I do though.
At least half of my goals in life revolve around the notion of finding balance between maintaining my own sense of self and being a wife and mother, sister, friend, and daughter. It's hard! And of course the other half usually have to do with how I can be better to those who count on me most. I have many goals or "resolutions" for 2014 that I want to work on but the one I want to publicly share today is to better my education of my camera and photography. This has been something I have want do to do for a few years but it has always been one of the easy goals to push off and say I didn't have time. But truly, I really enjoy my camera and love to capture the beauty of everyday.

I have dabbled in photography since Tom surprised me with my Nikon when I was just 2 months pregnant with Nugget girl. He knew I had been eyeing a Nikon and he gave it to me the day we went for our first ultrasound. He said he knew I would love capturing our lives with it. It was truly one the most thoughtful surprises he has ever give me.  I have been reading and casually studying since the day I got my camera..I'm just in the last 9months really stepping out of the auto mode box and really honing some manual mode skills. I'm FAR from being a manual mode only girl though…don't be impressed. Through Mom and Pop Photo I am setting out on this little quest of mine to further my understanding. What I love about their program is that it's not intimidating. They DONT recommend you switch to manual mode right away. They hold your hand…baby steps. I have already began their course and and am actually finding so many more helpful tips with just reading their words rather than understanding my camera. They ENCOURAGE imperfections. I have read other books on photography etc and I have never felt so encouraged as I am by the honesty of how this course is written.
What I want to make clear is that I do not want to be a professional photographer. It does not mean squat to me if the photo was taken in auto or manual mode. But what I do want to do is learn to take the best photos I can in the instances where I use my camera. ….Speaking of that. Less iPhone and more Nikon. I started using my iPhone a LOT more this last year to get more everyday shots. I desired more candid photos. But what I don't enjoy is the poor print quality. My nikon is now sitting out in my living room bookcase. More accessible. Not stored in the coat closet in its bag. Easy to grab. Less iPhone people. Ok, ok, I'm def. still gonna instagram, but you get what I'm saying.

So get ready..more photography related stuff is coming your way. With that all said, I want to wish you all a wonderful 2014 and that you too find motivation and resources that you need to conquer your next goal!! I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming in Feb. for my monthly goals.

(have fun messing up 152,000 checks between now and July when you finally mentally accept that it's no longer 2013)


  1. I have a simliar "goal" post scheduled for tomorrow lol I know you are gonna totally rock this photography goal! You are amazing at everything you set your mind too!!!

    1. Thanks Amber! You are so sweet! Cant wait to read your post. I get all sorts of geeked out over goals….I think that is probably already evident. lol

  2. That really was very thoughtful of your hubby!! I can't wait to see more pics! :)

    1. He is pretty awesome at surprises like that…I'm totally a lucky girl! So excited to buckle down and master a few things that I've been wanting to get better at!!