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We've got Chicken Strips in da house…WHAT WHAT!!! She has shared crafty goodness on here before and she is back with another one of her magical creations. Chicken Strips is the reason Pinterest exists. She is the person thinking up all the stuff you see on there. Between her insanely creative kids and her crafty mind they are always whipping up really cool things. When her son says "hey mom..I wanna make my own stuffed dino animal…" She is all like "sure son. I have exactly all the materials on hand. Lets do this." No joke people. She has every crafting material on hand. She can conquer any request her kids throw at her. Todays post is proof of that. (I'm the mom that would most likely respond to that request like this:  "oh you want a stuffed animal?? ok lets just go buy one!" hahahahhahaha) Seriously Chicken Strips..You rock girl!

About a week ago, this….

became this…

It all started with a sewing kit that was rediscovered by our seven year old who decided she needed to make a stuffed animal that came with the kit.  No problem.  This is a pre-made craft and one that she is old enough to do almost completely on her own.  Well, as most projects around my house do, this sparked an idea in another one of our children.  Our five year old HAD to make his own stuffed animal that very same day, at the same time as well.  Not really on my long list of things to do for the day (though now that I think of it, this is kinda the story of my life!  lol!), but there was also nothing on it that had to get done right away--I was still trying to buy myself some time on this project though...

I have seen websites that you can mail your child's artwork in and then have it sewn on a bag or other item to preserve it in a fun usable sort of way, and I have always loved the idea, but am way too cheap.  So...when my five year old brings me this picture that he has just drawn and tells me that this is going to be his pillow, I realized how right he was and this was an amazing idea that we really did need to do right away. (I did not document this along the way, so I tried to recreate some of the steps afterward to help show what I am trying to explain.)  So after adjusting the number of teeth from about 50 to something more like 6, I cut out around the dinosaur and cut out the teeth.

We picked out material from my stash and went to work.  We cut the teeth out of white felt.  I folded the material for the body and pinned the dino to it. 

(Oops imagine the teeth are not taped back on!)

I cut around my pattern through both pieces of fabric (leaving some extra space around the pattern to allow for the stitching) then removed the pattern.  We took the pieces apart and sewed the button eyes to the outside of the fabric. 

The mouth I found a little perplexing given what we were trying to do with the teeth and it having an open mouth, so I decided to tackle it by folding the cut side of the mouth in and sewing the teeth on top of the fold to what would be the inside of the pillow when complete. 

I folded and stitched the other side of the mouth and then the whole mouth on the mirror dinosaur cutout. Then, we put the dinosaur cut-outs together with the outsides on the inside and sewed it together like any other pillow.  We left the mouth part open.  We turned it inside right, stuffed it through the mouth (which was amazing by the way because the dinosaur was eating the stuffing! lol!) and then stitched the mouth together last.

I love the way it turned out.  I love that he helped me turn his artwork into this 3-D toy and I love the way my kiddos challenge me to step outside my box every day.


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  1. Rock on Chicken Strips this Mother Hen is still pulling craft ideas out of the hen house! Never a dull moment. Probably the biggest (maybe the dumbest also) was making a life size - 9ft Oscar statue for after prom!!!! Some ideas may be better left inside the head. Seriously that one had me worried as it wasn't an 'option' to finish or not.