Is Anyone Else Decorating the Landing of their Stairs??

Seriously ya'll…am I weird that I wanted to decorate the landing of my stairs? I keep thinking that SURELY everyone else is doing this? I mean its open space to fill with treasures!!! It all began a few months ago when Mother Hen suggested I bring my ferns in for the winter and put them on the landing…and I was all like UM HELLO CRAZY LADY I HAVE A TODDLER, DOG, and 2 CATS(that like to eat plants for some reason)…THAT WILL NEVER WORK OUT!!!! It was a FABULOUS suggestion though. Maybe one day my cats will stop eatting my plants and my toddler will grow up and obey every rule I set for her. 

One day….

So from then on I had this little spark in my mind that something glorious needed to fill that space. Luckily when I participated in the Handmade Vintage Market I hit the Vintage booth Belle Wesley Vintage and found these old suitcases. To be completely honest I bought them without even the slightest clue where I was going to put them. I got them home and quickly realized they would be ADORBS on my landing. Of course they would need more styling and accessorized a bit. 
If you know me then you know I don't get too sentimental about things. I throw things out left and right, donate clothes constantly…I'm not too much of a hoarder…well except craft supplies and wine corks?!?!? What? I don't know. Anyway, I took all my old canvases I had painted in high school from my moms last year and I still had one in the basement just BEGGING ME to be made over. When you see the before you will know why. Please, I don't want to talk about how horrible the painting was.

No. I will NOT blow this photo up any larger for you to see. I said I never want to speak of this TERRIBLE painting again. I kinda can't believe I'm put this on here…
So I did a little paint magic…just blending and painting away. I'm not one to really have a plan when I begin. I usually just select colors and go for it. I don't ever strive for perfection. I really truly enjoy just going after it with no road map. I somehow am a total loser and didn't get a shot of just the canvas painted but you will see it later.
I knew I wanted to add some text but I have the worst handwriting ever (besides my husbands-love you honey!). There was NO WAY I was going to pull off adding the text by painting so I resorted to my ever helpful Cricut. (I LOVE THIS MACHINE.)
I quickly busted out my quote and popped the letters off and then Mod Podged them to the canvas! HELLO GENIUS!! I wanted a old typewriter-ish feel but to be very disheveled.
I love the way this painting/art turned out but I love the whole "space" even more. 
(that is a fake plant. no worries. no messes or sick cats will be had from that)


EXCITING NEWS TODAY!!! The SmashCake&Co. Shoot was featured over on the super fabulous Karas Party Ideas Blog!!! 


  1. what?! Girl that painting looks so cool!! And that little printer?? I never knew about those!! I love how you set everything up. Great job!

  2. Thank you!!! ..The Cricut…you need one! It cuts out letters, shapes, you name it…you can buy virtually any "graphics" under the sun for it to cut…you can cut paper, fabric (i thnk) vinyl, etc!! Add it to your christmas list now. You will thank me :-)

  3. You going to miss the cabin painting. . . may have to re-paint that again some day after all it does have a story to remember.