Letters To Santa

Somehow this is my THIRD Christmas that I'm blogging and I'm just now telling you all where I'm from! WHAT? How can this be? I know that some of you won't even believe me when I say I grew up around Santa Claus, IN!!!! YES! There REALLY IS a town named Santa Claus. Google it. I promise. Every street is named something holiday related like "Holiday Boulevard" or "Kringle Place" or "Sleigh Bell Drive"….you get the point. Anyhow, I'm not going to bore you with how insanely themed my hometown area is but what I do want to share for all you Mamas out there is all about the post office! 

Santa Claus Post Office

45 North Kringle Place

Santa Claus, IN 47579

Here is the exciting part--- You can have your kids write letters to Santa and mail them to the Santa Claus Post Office and you will receive a letter back from Santa!!!! This is our first year doing this ourselves since Nugget girl is just now understanding Christmas but HOW COOL IS THAT???? They have been doing this for years. If you click the link above the history is right there with the info you need! You will also notice an archive of all the past years Christmas-time postmark designs! The senior art class at our high school submits designs every year and they choose their favorite and make it that seasons postmark! People actually ship their cards to the Santa Claus post office to have them mailed out of there so they are postmarked from Santa Claus! It really is neat…you should check it out!

Here was our first of what we plan to be an annual Letter to Santa writing evening. Hot Chocolate + Christmas movie + Christmas jammies + Cuddles under the tree.

Nugget even put the stamp on the envelope herself :-)

I hope the holiday season has began merrily for you all and in the middle of all the hoopla let us all not forget what this season is REALLY all about...

**And for those of you who would love to see the full reveal of the Smashcake&Co photo shoot you can see that HERE**


  1. This is adorable! A "real" letter to santa! Love it.

    1. Thanks!!! I seriously can't believe I have never blogged about this before!!!!

  2. Don't ever wonder how Santa gets into the house ---he comes in through the heart!!!! Go Santa. And yes it is Christmas here year round. Mother Hen