Life + 5 Months + Goals

 My birthday morning snuggles. Nugget pretty much only cared about cake that day. ;-)

 This is what I call moby wrapped blogging. 
 So Rooster Dude is rolling over some now. It has not become his favorite thing to do yet but he is def. doing it.
 Just a little rainbow ribbon performance.
There really isn't much to say. Nugget likes to dress this poor guy up with my scarves.
 Yes kids….emptying all the toys out of the toy box so you can get in is EXACTLY what a toy box is meant for. Let's just say things seemed a little quiet upstairs at Nana and Poppy's so I had to go check out what these two were getting into. They were nowhere in sight….and then I heard giggles coming from the toy box.

 At one point Nana had 6 of her 7 grandkids and grand puppies piled on her…I only managed to get this shot though.
 Newly inherited Last Supper framed picture from my late grandmother is proudly hung in my kitchen.
just one of 5 shipments of goodies for custom Chicken Scratch'd Design orders that were on my doorstep when we got back in town! 
Sunday was catch up day for us. It was cleaning, shopping, project doing, 5month photoshoot, outdoor Christmas decorating day for us. Nugget was beside her self over the idea of getting to push the button to turn the lights on!

And lastly, I want to encourage you all to shop handmade this year for gifts and stocking stuffers. Support small businesses! As I announced before here is my holiday special. Please share with whomever you want!

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  1. Can you believe I've never taken the kids to see Santa this is technically Carter's 5th christmas and I've never taken him.....I'm AWFUL