Have you bought from my shop recently and found a fun purple package in your mailbox? I have been working hard since I opened to fully round out my brand and my "look" and my new purple shipping envelopes have me all kinds of excited! What a freaking amazing first holiday season I am having!! My shop opened in April and this holiday season has been a blast and more than I expected. Loads of custom orders and sales. I'm so happy to say that I will def. have a nice chunk of $ to fulfill my promise of 10% of sales will be used towards charity from this holiday season!! Thank you everyone who supports and encourages Chicken Scratch'd Designs!
 Just generally being cute…..and then Nuggs mailing her letter to Santa
 So I finally bought a new glue gun. To say I'm excited is a total understatement. #craftingismylife #icantlivewithoutagluegun
 This dude thinks its time to sit. 
 Thursday morning I watched my friend Amber's kiddos and what you are seeing here is apparently a make believe game of Peter Pan/Captain Hook battling on the pirate ship….Sure kids, whatever you say. I'm pretty sure this game lasted well over an hour.
 Playing with some of the goodies that St. Nicholas brought them.
 Our first REAL snow!! She went out like 172 times and only cared about eating the snow. 
 Horsin' around….Is anyone else as impressed as me that my beast  6'2" husband can do a bridge?? I mean honestly… not too shabby there dude!
Sunday was a Santa seeing, christmas shopping finishing, gift wrapping day. It was glorious. My theme is aztec this year….A.K.A. "old lady" according to my husband. 
Shut up, Tom…just Shut up.
Oh Dixie….

Have a wonderful week ya'll!!!


  1. Be careful beast you could do something not very fun, then have to hear old man jeers.

  2. Thanks again for taking care of my babies! They had so much fun :)