Yep…you are seeing this right. He is FINALLY taking bottles!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been on all formula bottles except bedtime and first feeding (4-5am) for  9 days now!!!!! And I have to give credit when it is due….Turkey Tom you really rocked this one out hard for us! Thank you for being so aggressive about following his cues and calling the shots on this one.
 We went on our very first ever drive to Reynolds Christmas light display. We have driven past a zillion times but never until this last week ever actually drove through. Nugget girl was over the moon!

 A little crafty craft inspired by the snow that was too dry to make a real snowman.
 And then we got wet snow….and our first real snowman of the season happened. She actually kissed her snowman before she came inside. She loves him.
 Oh just playing like a big boy
 Tom took miss Nugget girl on her first "date"…He took her to see her very first movie in the theater…none other then the crazy popular "Frozen"….she LOOOOOOVED it BUT after an hour told Daddy that her ears hurt so they cut out early. I can't blame a sista though…I always think the movies are too loud too!!! She couldn't stop talking about the experience all weekend though!
 Look who got her letter back from Santa!!!! She insisted that she draw a picture on it?!?!? Whateves girlfriend. And then she carried it around at least half the day.
Some sibling cuteness. He adores her. I just love seeing them both light up like this.

Hope you all can slow down and enjoy the last little bit of this holiday season! I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!! …
Oh yeah and COME BACK TOMORROW for a teaser of something amazing to come in the new year!!! :-)


  1. Crap! I totally forgot to have Santa mail them a letter. Dang it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. :-) We send all our letters back to my home town of Santa Claus post office and they are the ones who write a letter back!! If you didn't see if before I posted about it the other week here --> http://www.chickenscratchblog.com/2013/12/letters-to-santa.html

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  3. they are seriously the cutest ever!!!