Teaser! #siphappensparty

Before I begin, I will warn you that today is only a teaser. Read on….

Think wine.

Think friends.

Think party.

My original idea from my blogiversary post of running a series of "judging the bottle by the label" has evolved from something simple and small to something bigger and better. It is going to be a lot of fun and will even involve you all.  My friend Eva and I have teamed up to bring you all something we WANT you to be a part of…because really, who wants to drink alone?? ;-) And aren't we all always looking for the next reason to plan a girls night?? Well we are giving you one! All the details to come on Jan. 3!!!

in the meantime….

What I want you to do is follow (on our blogs & Instagram) myself, Eva from evamarietaylor.com and Erin from Living in Yellow to get the full round of sneak peaks before we finally blow this story wide open on January 3rd! Mark your calendars and start snooping around our blogs and Instagram!

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  1. So excited!!! Love the picture frame too! I have been saving all my corks to make a wine wreath.

    1. I have more corks around these parts then I even know what to do with! My husband is about to kill me if I don't get real crafty with some of these!! lol!!! I think I have kept every wine cork from every bottle ever drank!