What I Wore Wednesday | Winterized Maxi Skirt

pleated poppy

Skirts/Dresses + Me + Winter = NO! 
Im literally the coldest person on earth. Seriously. I truly don't believe I'm exaggerating.
Ok, so I've seen it a million times…the notion of wearing a maxi skirt during the colder months but I just haven't, until recently, had enough courage to face the cold in an outfit lacking layers and layers of insulation. I will say this. It was not the warmest thing I could have put on but for somewhere like church (which is where I wore this look a couple weeks ago) this was completely acceptable. I'm sure I still had goosebumps the entire time I wore it... but in all honesty I would have had goosebumps even if I had worn jeans and sweater with a coat. So there. I did it. I liked it. I will wear similar looks again. I'll probably just make sure its at least above freezing out.


  1. Love your outfit! I'm never quite sure how to style a maxi skirt during the fall, so thanks for the inspiration! Stopping by from WIWW.


    1. Thank you!! It was kinda out there for me. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut that certain items belong to only their intended season! It was fun to wear something like this for a change!

  2. Come clean, you had on long johns under that skirt and knee socks inside boots. I will confirm you must be the coldest person I know and there are several in the family. Except me! I am really tired of being HOT. The outfit looks fun.

  3. I love the scarf with the maxi skirt! Such a cute combo! I need this outfit in my life!