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For 7 solid years I wore black. Classic, timeless…sure. But the color lover girl in me was dying to come out. At the salon we wore all black, grey, & white. But really, I wore all black. White & grey showed color splatters so those were never a great option to me. When you live at your job, like most people do, you tend to shop for what works for where you spend the most time?? Correct me if I'm wrong!! Therefore, I bought all black all the time. I'm SO NOT KIDDING when I say 75% of my closet was black. I feel so freed for so many reasons being a stay at home mama (don't take that wrong..my job was fun, thrilling, exciting, and hard and will always hold a near and dear place in my heart) No shocker here..you know I'm talking about colors and fun fashion. I remember shopping with my girlfriends…in particular I'm gonna call out Chicken Strips (my sis-n-law) for scolding me one time that all I buy is black…..well I'm here to tell you that long gone are the days of black. I'm having so much fun with fashion now.  I was so tied down before. It's so opposite of what you think….you think hairstylist=fashion queen…but not so much. Its the whole "well I have to wear black but I might get color on it so I don't want to wear my "best blacks" black stuff.  Yeah. I had "work blacks" and then I had my  "best blacks" all because I felt it made no sense to ever buy something that I couldn't wear to work and outside of work.

I rarely buy black anymore..unless it has sequins or something amazeballs on it...  I'm exploring prints (which was a hard one for me..I was always a solid color girl).  As anyone who loves fashion already knows it is such an extension of who you are and what is going on inside that head of yours. I truly feel this true. The above is what I'm rocking these days. I know I'm know for my yoga pants..but lets just get one thing straight. I do still own gobs of traditional yoga pants …and yes, the are black. But, the above hardly fits into any other category….anything comfy and casual is still in the "yoga pants" category for me!!


If any of you are like me and always looking for a fab new blog to follow I want to strongly advise you to check out my friend Kelly's new blog : Sequins & Scissors
We worked together for 6 years at the salon, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding (kelly- I know you are reading this, ahem…you need to blog about your wedding. Truly was one of the coolest weddings ever.) and we have remained close friends ever since. She even helped me come up with what will be my Chicken Scratch'd Designs Trademark Scarf (be on the look out come Jan. 1 for these in the shop!) Her creativity is off the charts. She is crazy sweet but most of all she has an amazing aesthetic for design, fashion, beauty…You all really won't want to miss out on her blog. Seriously…she is that friend that I sorta wanna be! ;-) Love her! Ok but for reeeelz I hope you all will hop over and welcome her to blog world!! ( I will warn she is in the throws of busy holiday season at the salon right now so isn't posting quite as much as she hopes to in the future! )


  1. Omg I looove the patterned pants! They look so comfy yet stylish.

    xo Always, Abby

  2. Thank you so much for the shoutout Vally!!!!!!!!! xoxo