Bubble Guppies meets Sparkles Birthday Party

Here they are. The birthday girls. 8 and 3. Besties and pretend sisters.

What you are about to see is Bubble Guppies meets Sparkles Birthday Party theme. Don't you even comment on here and say you have seen this exact theme before because I know it's a lie. There is no way this has EVER happened before. There is just no way. LOLOL

To begin:

Bubble Guppies...

Cake Pops from Sweat Peas

& Sparkles

(this was the garland on the fireplace mantel that somehow didn't get photographed during the party)
Inspiration from Aunt Peaches blog

Some more Bubble Guppies…

(*disclaimer* she did not learn those baby safety & care skills from me)

and Sparkle...

Chicken Strips found this tutorial on making confetti. It may or may not be her new favorite past time. We are already dreaming up reason to have more confetti in our lives. A direct quote from Chicken Strips: "My life will never be the same now that I know how to make confetti sparkly confetti."

Now more Bubble Guppies...
Nana and Poppy got her "bubble guppies" (aka. just regular fish) for her bday gift
And more sparkle…
I like to think of these as just lil explosion arrangements of sparkle. 

We enjoyed cake and cake pops…

Oh and there were gifts too…

So thats that. Let's see what theme combo these girls come up with next year ;-)


  1. How cute wast this party!! And your niece is adorable!!!!!!

  2. I have three year old twins... they recently came obsessed with Bubble Guppies! Cute bday party!

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